Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 20 to 27 Sept 2022 | The Financial Express

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 20 to 27 Sept 2022

Brands that cut through: BlueStone, Dove, Stayfree, Google, Center Fresh, PhonePe, Acko, Liberty, Mountain Dew, Thums Up, HDFC Life, Duroflex, Charged, Indeed, Myntra, Oreo, WeWork, InstaShield.

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 20 to 27 Sept 2022
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy 

BlueStone | #LoveIsInTheLittleThings

Love Is In The Little Things by BlueStone | #WatchJewellery

Love is truly in the little things and how beautifully has that been portrayed here. The line of course has been crafted for the product line of ‘little’ watch accessories. The casting is pure genius. In a way, this spot asks us how far we would go for love. Thereby reminding us of another celebration of love we have seen in advertising in recent years.

Dove | #StopTheBeautyTest 2022 | The Beauty Report Card 

Dove takes its #StopTheBeautyTest conversation further, at a time when femvertising is in the spotlight for reasons right and wrong. The argument of opportunism cannot be used against Dove for the simple reason that it has demonstrated itself as a true champion of #RealBeauty. It has worked for the brand across the world because of consistency and perceived sincerity of intent.

The images that play out in this ‘Beauty Report Card’ edition of #StopTheBeautyTest are perhaps even more difficult to digest because they show us when roots of the ‘marriage conversations’ are sown. While we may find that hard to accept, it is the reality embedded in the Indian context. 

Stayfree | This Daughter’s Day Tell Your Sons It’s Just A Period

‘It’s Just A Period’ finds a logical extension here. Young men must not just be told to share the load, but also be educated that periods are normal. How it is hushed up as taboo in everyday scenarios plays out on screen. Again, harsh reality being portrayed, but for a good cause.  

Google | Raho Do Kadam Aagey 

Very smart videos using celebrities to tell us how online scamsters work. The route taken ensures that we’re hooked in until the reveal, which by itself is catchy. The message is unmistakably clear and loud as the videos are watchable.  

Center Fresh | Jadoo | Dil Ki Baat Zubaan Pe 

The expectations were high from Center Fresh x Dharma after ‘Parda’ from last year. The brand stays in the ‘Hello  Wali Mint’ zone and paints another portrait celebrating young love. There is also the unmistakable Dharma signature. The soundtrack and a pair of eyes that conveyed a hundred emotions in the 2021 work are missed here. However, the plot on a college campus allows the brand to address an even younger audience, which seemed to be its core before and after ‘Parda’.

PhonePe | Tension Free Insurance

PhonePe hit the sweet spot with its insurance work featuring these fantastic performers and is building on it now. Both the spots here are hilarious and made possible not just because of smart writing but the ability of the actors to pull it off. A rather empathetic friend mentioned that the spots are kind of insensitive to tele-callers. I suggested that he get a life. 

ACKO | #WelcomeChange

So Acko is telling us that you can get bike insurance on the app, get it instantly and cheaper. All propositions we have heard before but the brand seems to have invested in getting noticed. The right, light and humorous tones work.  

Liberty Shoes | Leap7X | Sitare Aise Nahin Bante | AM To PM

Stars have to strive to rise. In myriad ways, we have heard that thought before. Nevertheless, it does make a lot of sense when these two are shown working out relentlessly to stay in shape and at the top of their game. The execution is gripping. The voice over seems a little different from what has generally been heard in this genre.    

Mountain Dew | #DarrKeAageJeetHai 2022

A different treatment of #DarrKeAageJeetHai starts off telling us that no fear is big or small – fear is fear and it must be conquered. A nice premise. Different characters, each in unique and relatable situations, overcome their fears after a pause, reiterating the brand’s message. Feels very different from seeing Hrithik Roshan biking in the mountains. Somehow, the current edition of ‘fear’ seems more real and rooted.

Thums Up | Charged 

(May 2022)

The first spot in this series was from May 2022 and the ‘Dance’ number is more recent. The product is promising endless energy and Vicky Kaushal is demonstrating it. The kite-chasing escapade was obviously a more dramatic and visually appealing outing. The feel-good route contrasts with competitor Sting’s humour-led approach. 

HDFC Life | Secure Loved Ones Against An Uncertain Tomorrow

A man recounts his fears when he suffered from Covid19 while expecting his child, as he puts the baby to sleep. A strong premise that perhaps could have been put across with a little more finesse, but makes the point nevertheless. Dwelling on what might have been allows the brand to urge people to ensure their loved ones’ security in uncertain times. 

Thums Up | #WicketSeCricket 

This has been featured here not for the spot, but for the idea of Thums Up leveraging its cricket association to allow people the privilege of watching the game from the wicket cam. Surely, this counts as an innovation more than many things masquerading as media innovations and deserves a thumbs up.

Duroflex | Alia’s Secret | Nothing Like Duroflex

Alia’s secret? Good sleep. Thanks to Duroflex. Period. Told without fuss and flows conversationally. Piqued in the right measure with the ploy of everyone guessing the secret to her glow.  

Indeed | #HireBetter

Silly humour and a straightforward pitch, indeed. The proposition of #HireBetter stands out. The ‘how’ or ‘why’ of it will perhaps be better understood while on the website / app. The job of the advertising is presumably to make the promise and get them there. 

Myntra | Big Fashion Festival 

Interesting use of celebrities here, especially the spots with Virushka before the camera persons and the actors on the sets. The festival being promoted gets the undivided attention of characters and hence of the audience.  

Oreo | #BringBack2011

What a tease! What this does is get MSD fans all excited while rekindling memories of 2011 for all cricket fans. While Dhoni has gotten them off to a great start, one hopes the next legs of the campaign deliver.     

WeWork | Great Inspires Great

We get that the brand wants to own ‘great’ and is positioning itself as one that is mod, comfortable, inclusive, progressive, et al and has a range of options to offer in terms of workspaces. ‘Great company, great companies’ is a good space to be in. The overall feel is one that should appeal to up-and-coming entrepreneurs the brand is targeting.     

InstaShield | #KhudKiPehchan

The surname conversation was dealt with spectacularly well by Star Sports. This conversation between the two ladies is another nice attempt and quite different from past endeavours. The thought is well worth talking about. 

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