Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 19 to 25 Oct 2022 | The Financial Express

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 19 to 25 Oct 2022

Brands that cut through: HP, Reliance Digital, Meta, Country Delight, Oppo, Disney+ Hotstar, Polycab, JK Super Cement, Mankind Pharma, Pepperfry, BSA LB, India Gate, Spice Money, Siyaram’s.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

HP | #ThodiSiJagahBanaLo

Iss Diwali, Thodi si Jagah Bana lo

HP does it again. And this time, it’s not just a delightful film but one backed by action. Opening up a number of its showrooms for artists / craftspersons is a winsome idea. One that will without doubt have required a fair bit of effort. Let us not forget that this is a process of evolution from the lilting and emotional festive advertising to action. Every piece from the lamp seller of yore to the Patel juice store story from last year, and their successes, must have egged the brand to come this far. 

So before we rubbish a brand doing festive work and spreading the spirit of goodness, let’s take a chill pill. Yes, some of it does come across as superfluous, but the good part then is that they are easy to separate them from the rest. Even if a piece of work is not in the top rung, let’s not penalise them for trying to imbibe the festive spirit. In HP’s case, it has never fallen below the top rung. And now it’s gone beyond just a beautiful film.

Reliance Digital | Iss Diwali Dil Se Baatein Kartein Hain

The video call device has been done before. Adding the touch of the aged couple learning to speak English to converse with their granddaughter is a beautiful idea. But mere ideas do not complete campaigns. The execution including the casting elevate this film. The brand remains front and centre, being used for the video call classes as well as the call to the grandchild on Diwali day.

Country Delight | Live Better 

Family is where it’s at. The brand takes ownership of the family, underlining the importance of time spent with loved ones. Prioritising them over everything else should be the norm especially during festivals. The cross-talk idea is bound to make one smile. There’s a nice, warm feel to the work.

Oppo | Be The Light That Inspires

We have heard of kids who took it upon themselves to fill up potholes but this one stops with painting them to alert users to their existence. The gifted young boy is immune to the demands of his environment (as only young ones can) but sensitive too. His art is put to good use. The package is entertaining.

Polycab Greenwire | #AapkeSapnoKoRakheSafe

A young girl’s dream of practising her game day and night comes true, thanks to her father and of course, Polycab wires. The promise is that the wires will keep one’s dreams safe. A well-made film that captures the aspirations and helplessness of the kid and the bright rays of hope that her father’s efforts offer her. Far-fetched? Perhaps. Who says ads have to be realistic? What’s important is that it is watchable.  

JK Super Cement | #TohfaSurakshaKa 

Another case of a brand that has gone beyond advertising and acted on the goodness it depicts in its festive film. This is indeed an inevitable path for brands to pursue. There will be festive campaigns, there will be giving from brands and there will be brands that enable you and me to give. The last cluster will perhaps be the most powerful and engaging.  

Mankind Pharma | #NekiKiLauJalaateHain 

Call it cinematic, call it dramatic, but it seems to do the job of keeping one engrossed. The mention of the brand and the self-promotion at the end isn’t very subtle. But the flow keeps you hooked till that happens. While one might find a few weak links, the music makes up for it.     

Dell | Apna Wala Festival

A young man on his way home for Diwali. A journey with strangers who share the festive spirit. Simple story. Captured comfortably on a video call on the laptop that’s being advertised.

Disney+ Hotstar | #PassionUnlimited 

The Premier League is here and with it the energy and fan frenzy. The broadcaster is trying to stoke that frenzy with this spot starring Ranveer Singh. Different kinds of amusing fan moments get a look-in.  

Meta | Where Can’t We Go Together

High on energy, these spots remind us of the Instagram’s ‘We are in the making’ series. Despite the similar tone to the Insta work, the spot featuring the traditional (martial?) arts proponent and the entrepreneur are vibrant and hold their own. Where it’s different is that it underlines the power of the platform and the community.

Pepperfry | Meme Stars (cont’d)

We had covered the launch of this campaign last week. Here are some more gems inspired by the stars’ reel avatars. Solid sports, solid spots.   

BSA LB | Ride All Roads

Talking of energy, here’s another charged-up spot. Celebrates grit and attitude. Speaks to young women in a language they will relate to.  

India Gate Basmati | #ClassicRishta 

I didn’t quite get the ‘World’s first…’ part initially. Nice trick of using the mute-unmute option to create a different viewing experience. Nicely written to create a parallel between ‘Classic Taste’ and ‘Classic Rishta’.    

Spice Money | Suvidha wali Diwali

I was in two minds about the last two brands here. Spice Money finds its way thanks to the efforts in building a rural network inspired by the yellow PCOs of yesteryears. If one respects the fact that the brand is speaking to a rural audience, one might allow for the slightly longish edits and not-so-slick finishes.  

Siyaram’s | Yeh Diwali Ho Apnon Wali 

If the brand did not own the ‘Come home to Siyaram’s’ line, this would have fallen flat. But it does. And even when the whole world is talking about homecoming, if you own the line, you have a right to use the line. Could have been done way better, but let’s move on. It’s Diwali after all.  

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First published on: 27-10-2022 at 11:49 IST