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Brands that cut through: Trade India,, SBI Life, Hershey’s, CEAT, Maggi, Mia, Bridgestone, Hyundai, Biryani By Kilo, Bausch and Lomb, SBI General, Shyam Steel, Adda247, Comedy Central, Parle.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

Gokul Krishnamoorthy 

There’s a lot of work for Father’s Day put out there, largely made for digital channels. There seems to have been a real squeeze on budgets and it shows. Yet some of them shine through, thanks to the thought driving them. 

TradeIndia | #HumHaiNa 

‘Swiggy Uncle’ as we know him gets to show off more of his acting skills here. The daughter struggling with a father with memory loss was aced by Pond’s (Woogly Woogly Woosh) a few years ago. The theme works yet again, in a slightly different context, for TradeIndia. This time, the brand helps the daughter set up the family business again, sparking in him memories of the past. The emotional route works to good effect aided by performances and a befitting soundtrack. | The Evolution of Dads 

Lighthearted but profound take on Father’s Day that will make us think. What a transformation ‘dads’ have made in the last couple of generations! The distance between dads and sons (and daughters, I am reminded) was certainly one that did not lend enchantment to view, contrary to the saying. The narrative allows for the brand to plonk itself smartly into the mod dad’s life.

SBI Life | #PapaHainNa | Papa Ki Nayi Kahani 

Another charming story about a modern day man, who aligns with the brand’s established plank of ‘Apne liye, Apnon ke liye’. He doesn’t just live for his family, but has dreams of his own, too. For the premise, the aspiring author is the perfect protagonist. He discovers a different mode of storytelling to realise his dreams, even as he takes his family along. On consumer, on brand.   

Hershey’s Milkshakes | Dip The Moment in Hershey’s

A joyful moment and exchange between mother and son is born, ‘dipped in’ Hershey’s. Flows so naturally that you cannot complain. The mom on the skateboard is a refreshing switch. 

CEAT | #OneManManyRoles 

The ‘many roles dads play’ is brought to life beautifully, with him in the driver’s seat all through – what better could a tyre brand ask for? The pitch of ‘Whatever life may throw at you’ steering the brand into the story, reminding us that the ‘Roads are (still) full of idiots’.  

Maggi Veg Atta Noodles | Bin Maange Milegi 

How do you keep refreshing a legacy brand time and again? This is perhaps how (albeit for a variant). Rooted in a powerful insight that instant noodles are used as a treat (or carrot) by mothers. It is now a healthy option willingly served by them – kids need not ask for it or do anything to earn it. Drives home the ‘healthy’ message. 

Mia | Tanishq | He Knows You 

‘He may not know much about jewellery, but he knows you,’ is a wonderful thought. It finds its relevance inside a jewellery store. If it were clothes or toys, one might have found the ‘buy both’ route a tad more believable. But then, when it comes to daughters, I guess fathers tend to open up their hearts and wallets a little more.     

Bridgestone India | Safar 

‘Jithna bhi katin ho safar, papa muskurake chalna sikhathe hain’. This ode to fathers and all they do culminates with a subtle nod to the brand that’s taken them places. The theme of ‘Safar’ resonates, even as the father is personified as a companion for the good and bad times along the journey of life.  

Hyundai Venue | Live the Lit Life

I know this might get some feedback of the ‘What’s the big idea here?’ kind. ‘Live the lit life’ is a clear and attractive proposition that allows for sharp positioning. The film visualises this positioning vibrantly aided by the music.     

Biryani By Kilo | #HandiKhushiyonKi 

Poetry is put to good use to bring alive the persona of fathers. ‘Yaad nahin kabhi ‘I love you’ kaha ki nahi, par jataya toh zaroor hoga,’ sums up a lot more about dads than most films do. Sending food across to loved ones for a celebratory occasion is in. Especially if accompanied by meaningful poetry. 

Bausch and Lomb India | #SeeBetter

‘Look and feel younger with Bausch and Lomb lenses,’ is the message. There’s a fantastic occasion in which to send this out: Father’s Day. Lovely lead-in towards changing the look of the father. I’m sure the brand has done its homework and has its eyes set on older men tired of their spectacled looks.

SBI General Insurance | Father’s Day | Suraksha Aur Bharosa, Dono 

The brand has stuck with its ‘Suraksha aur Bharosa, Dono’ thought and adapted it aptly for this Father’s Day message. The world throws a lot of curveballs at girls and it is the job of parents to teach them how to duck or hit them out of the park. The role of a supportive father is illustrated here, from the daughter’s POV.

Shyam Steel | The Gift Of Your Company 

When you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other, why not celebrate Father’s Day with your father? Hard to argue with. Tugs at the right strings, activates the guilt pangs.   

Adda247 | Job Hai Toh Raub Hai 

I’m not sure one should blindly encourage this kind of chest-thumping (or in this case bloating) celebration of kids’ academic achievements. But as ads go, does it stand out? It does.

Comedy Central India | Colors Infinity | #SafeForDads 

What an idea, what a thought. If there is a ‘Not safe for dads’ zone, let’s break it down. Let’s make if safe for dads. Let’s do it for the sake of our kids.

Parle | #ThankYouDad

It’s not easy. But let’s say it. Before it’s too late. 

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