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Brands that cut through: Sony India, Amazon Alexa, MPL, Catch, Pepsi Black, Skybags, Omen 16, Brezza, Astral Pipes, SBI Mutual Funds, Cipladine.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy 

Sony India | Bottle 360° Project with Ayananka Bose

The journey of a bottle presents an undesirable version of ‘circular economy’ play out. Vivid images and brisk pace help things. Rather than sermon people on either the need to not let bottles end up in the ocean, this offers a tongue in cheek look at where such plastic could end up, back from the ocean. The ‘Filmed on….’ approach has been done many times over. It’s how refreshing one can make the story that matters. In this case, it’s purposefully refreshing. 

Amazon Alexa India | Just Ask 

Delightful little spots that tell us that with Alexa you need to just ask. The humour is natural and sure to make one smile. Lovely use of kids make the campaign all the more endearing. 

MPL | Zero Se Hero Festival 

When a large part of the world is looking down at mobile gaming as a form of gambling, a free-to-enter ‘festival’ is what the doctor ordered. Simple executions aid the cause. Zero entry fee gets established without ambiguity. Luckily, there are no terms and conditions to cloud that one. 

Catch Sprinklers | Sabke Taste Ka Match 

Everything may be the same, much like in the case of these twins, but tastes differ when it comes to food, says Catch. And the promise is to offer something to match everyone’s taste. Nice storyline on which the message can ride piggyback. Keeps you watching until the food arrives on the table.    

Pepsi Black | Max Taste Zero Sugar

Talking of keeping one watching, Pepsi Black has taken the glam route to underline ‘Max Taste, Zero Sugar’ with Jacqueline. This follows the summer anthem the cola brand dropped on us (below). 

This unhurried spot in a western US-biker-gas station setting, gets indianised thanks to the people on screen. It’s a drastic shift from the swag that Salman brings to the table for Pepsi and it’s evidently intentional. A smart swerve to ‘Yeh Pepsi Black Kya Hai Yaar’ from one of the transfixed boys attempts to put the focus back on the drink. With the viewer on the mat, it was time to count to 10 and the film does just that.  

Pepsi | #CheckMyFizz | Summer Anthem With Badshah (May 2022)

Skybags | #BackToCool

‘Back to school’ is passe. ‘Back to cool’ is in. Be it school, college or leisure travel, the pitch is cool and the vibes in this film match the pitch. The bunch of young holidayers are aspirational for the young seeking ‘cool’. A mild, functional pitch at the end on built-to-last straps doesn’t take away from the cool quotient. One does get a bit tired of the international look and feel. But  guess there must be valid reasons for those too.  

Omen16 | Tempest Cooling Technology 

Varun Dhawan sitting in a refrigerator to cool his gaming laptop is a wonderful idea and pathway to present the cooling technology in the new product. Nice alignment with a YouTuber to make the pitch too. The product certainly addresses a pain point for many. The films take home the solution. 

Maruti Suzuki Arena | Hot And Techy Brezza 

‘Hot and Techy’ enough to take over every screen as it passes by is an interesting idea and it’s been executed well. The intent is clear: to present the Brezza as a ‘hot’ (read cool) car that’s fully loaded on tech. The idea was perhaps also to appeal to a younger lot and hence the choice of brand ambassador. 

Astral Pipes | Konsa Pipe? #DadhoSutho 

This one got noticed for the Sindhi-speak and it’s now time to keep it fresh and alive in public memory. That’s the job and it gets done. Astral gets recall from #DadhoSutho. Which for people who don’t know the meaning of the words, still comes across as something good.

SBI Mutual Fund | SBI Savings Fund | Savings Ka Smart Tareeka 

A great idea somehow stops short of hitting the mark here. The idle guy wasting himself on the couch, the pop corn, remote and everything else lay the perfect foundation for ‘Is your money idling like this?’  

Cipladine – Skin Ka First Aid 

‘One solution for all skin needs’ has been told before.  This spot manages to stand out because of its execution. And the message comes through loud and clear.

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