Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 1 To 12 Dec 2022 | The Financial Express

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 1 To 12 Dec 2022

Brands that cut through: Vim, Doritos, realme, iQOO, Nourish, MasterCard, Hamdard, Quaker Oats, Iodex, Gulf Oil, Schwarzkopf, Godrej Yummiez, CEAT Tyres.   

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Vim | #VimBlack 

Vim Black for Men - Easy to Clean More to Brag (English)

By taking outrage to this piece of communication, social media champions have given the brand enormous visibility. It helped that there was a celebrity in Milind Soman to seed the content – they tend to work well as outrage magnets. The inability of the public to take things in the right spirit today crossed the border towards intolerance. In this case, the issue doesn’t have to do with religion or national pride, and hence the brand probably benefits with the attention and noise. 

That said, there is a great thought, insight and idea here that deserved to be showcased better. ‘Doing the dishes is not something to brag about’ is deep and true. Normalising sharing of household chores is something Vim has championed in the past with better impact. The black pack is in line with the trend of changing one’s packaging, but the work fails to impress as a package. This campaign can be categorised under ‘works’ because of the criticism that drew attention to it. 

Doritos | #ChipsNahiFire 

This reminds me of an on-ground promo for Kurkure from many moons ago. The stunt involved a man walking on the beach. As he bites into the snack, he literally catches fire (because it’s that spicy-hot) – much to the amusement of onlookers. It won what was JWT then a Promo Lion at Cannes, if my memory serves me right. 

This spot takes that broad thought ahead on film and how! Great use of stars, who deliver. No compromise-execution, that impresses. Unhurried storytelling that pulls the viewer in. Delivers the message with the intensity and sass the idea and brand demanded.        

realme 10 Pro Series 5G | Curve In Life

Embrace yourself for who you are. Embrace individuals for who they are. We’ve heard and seen all of that before. We’ve also seen the normalisation / celebration of curves and plus-sizes. What we haven’t seen until this one is a product that actually has a need to promote its curved display, and hence embraces the ‘curve’. realme does so in style with ‘Curve in Life’ featuring actor Bani J. ‘The path to extraordinary is not a straight line’ is as impactful as the fact that the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line.       

iQOO India | Is It iQOO?

Is there an interesting way to say ‘India’s No.1 in user satisfaction’? One can think of very few and this one is hence worthy of some applause. The how-do-you-pronounce-the-name pitch gets lively thanks to the use of the stars. The lead in to the satisfaction claim from the name game is smooth.   

Nourish Atta | Sehat Ki Suno Nourish Hi Chuno | Roll Nahin Relax

The groundwork has been laid with the Shetty sisters. The brand is now finding its feet and creative voice. The insight of trying to work off the extra calories consumed with some physical activity is relatable. A little bit of over-the-top humour backed by solid performances by the professional actors works. The literal take on ‘Roll Nahn Relax’ is visually amusing and funny in a silly kind of way. Enough to make you smile and stay long enough for the benefits of the atta to be delivered.  

Mastercard India |  Inko #HalkeMeinMattLo 

They have to try twice as hard to make it to the big league – and it shows on the field. What a thought. After Mithali Raj, here is the next set of superstars from the Indian cricket team. And here is Mastercard, celebrating them as it promotes the upcoming series and its association with the game. While the thought is priceless, the execution is above par, making this a set of promos worth cheering.  

Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin | Confidence Ka Glow 

“Khoobsurti dekhne wale ki aankhon main nahin hai. Yeh humse hai. Aapke nazariye se nahin, darling.

“Har ek heere ki apni chamak hoti hai. Bas, zara si tarashne ki zaroorat hoti hai.”

Whoever wrote these lines has delivered inspiration in good measure to every woman who has watched the spot. The visual celebration of confident women being themselves, although something we have seen often, meets these powerful lines that celebrate their individuality. Just one peeve. While it ticks the action, adventure, plus-body size boxes and is executed impeccably, the film stops short of featuring a model with a dark skin tone. Or did I miss it?

Quaker Oats Muesli | #BreakfastBanaoUnskippable

Even for the most planned and punctual, some rushed mornings and skipped breakfasts would count as regrets. For some, it happens more often than others. The success of quick-fix breakfasts and cereals has to do with health consciousness but not without the convenience. The pain point of that very rushed morning is portrayed here to make us listen to the product goodness pitch. Health bhi, quick bhi. Message delivered.    

Iodex | Har Din Jeet Meri 

From featuring women in the kitchen and doing household chores, the category has moved quite a distance to show them in active sports and now, the army. ‘Har din jeet meri’ has a nice ring to it. 

Gulf Oil | Gulf XHD Supreme Plus | 1000 Ghante Lagataar

It certainly gets you piqued as it does MSD. The choice of ambassador seems tailor made for a tractor oil brand. And thankfully, they did not make the cricket icon play the farmer but himself. 

Schwarzkopf Professional | 

Confession. I have not had the need for hair colour for years. And, I couldn’t get hold of even two hair stylists for their views so had to make do with one and seek a second opinion from a salon regular. Verdict: stylish film and star make for a sleek end-product. Visually and aesthetically stunning, makes one want to visit a salon pronto. As for the pronunciation, it seems to be a nice device that actually gets people interested. Truth is, not many know how to pronounce the brand’s name.     

Godrej Yummiez | No Added Preservatives   

It’s a gimmick but one that gets your attention. One that allows the brand to get across the no (hidden) added preservatives message in record time. The music at the start of the massage – sorry,  film – will probably leave some longing for one.  

CEAT Tyres | 5 Star Performance 

This certainly doesn’t fly like the previous campaigns from the brand featuring Aamir Khan did. But full marks for continuity and trying to ride the wave. Hopefully there’s more coming to take the latest body of work to past highs. 

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First published on: 13-12-2022 at 09:30 IST