Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 1 To 11 July 2022

Brands that cut through: Godrej Magic, Redmi, Flipkart, Cadbury Fuse, Goodknight, Shyam Steel, Dell, Senco, GoDaddy, PokerBaazi, Disney Star, Joy e-Bike, What3words, Starbucks, Volkswagen, Olx Autos, Maxirich Gold, Airtel, Sebamed

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 1 To 11 July 2022
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy 

Godrej Magic Ready-to-mix Bodywash | Less Plastic, More Magic

Godrej magic ready-to-mix bodywash ft. Shah Rukh Khan | TVC - Hindi 30 sec

It’s been a while since we saw SRK in the bath. Here he is, all ready to promote a brand in the shower, surprised with the sachet of powder handed to him in place of the usual liquid body wash in a bottle or tube. Smartly hooks viewers with a bare-chested SRK playing himself in a shoot set up. Yet, the sachet and innovation are the stars. The flow is natural and the pitch is just about perfect. The timely product innovation is articulated succinctly in the line ‘Less plastic, more magic’. ‘Magic’ in the brand name also allows for some interesting word play.

Redmi Note 11 Pro+ | Screen Sahi Toh Scene Sahi 

Inspired by detergent stories and their use of what one could call the ‘swipe formula’, Redmi drops three cheeky films to underline the superior display on the screen of the 11 Pro+. Even if this was inspired by the Swiggy Instamart school of spoofs, it swiftly uses a familiar device to drive its agenda. Brilliantly done. The product benefit stands tall and shines bright.  

Flipkart | Super Brands. Super Price. Super Fast. 

Alia Bhatt as superwoman is a simple but stellar idea to drive home ‘Super Brands. Super Price. Super Fast’. Or perhaps the superwoman idea came from that ‘Super’ brief. Either way, the superwoman act is bound to make viewers piqued. The humour is amusing and sets the stage for the ‘Super’ pitch.  

Cadbury Fuse | Bhaari Hai 

Bhaari chocolate needs bhaari hands. What an idea. Over the top humour done well with solid performances from The Great Khali and co. bring this message alive on screen. While the idea is whacky, the film is nuanced.

Goodknight | Neendon ko nazar na lage

That small touch of the sleeping baby holding its father’s finger is enough to melt hearts. Much needed touch in a category of bare and dry product pitches and warnings on disease-carrying mosquitoes. Yes, it keeps mosquitoes away. But what can that lead to? Undisturbed sleep for your loved one/s. A charming slice of life. 

Shyam Steel TMT | #FlexiStrong 

While the plot-to-proposition connect may seem like a bit of a stretch, it is without doubt a heartwarming moment that has been scripted. And there is a logical connect. Using familiar faces helps. Again a category where one rarely sees a human story one can relate to. 

Dell | Discover Your Passions

We’ve seen the Padhai 2.0 thought expressed eloquently by the brand in earlier campaigns. This one adds a few layers with the product enabling youth to pursue their passions. Vibrant and elegant work that we have come to expect from Dell is on show.  

Senco | #WearYourPride 

The advertising may not be top draw and it isn’t the first jewellery brand to embrace the LGBT+ theme. Then why is it here? For being consistent in championing inclusivity, to start with. The brand launched a Pride collection three years ago and has on board a transgender employee who is part of one of the films. Getting an international athlete and her lesbian partner to share the screen is a powerful way to advocate #WearYourPride. 

GoDaddy | Visible Ho Jao 

‘Stop being invisible’ is literally visualised on screen to tell traders to get online and sell across India. With GoDaddy, of course. Point made, rather amusingly at that. | You Hold The Cards

Confession. I try not to look at any piece of work – especially if it’s a film – more than once, for the purpose of reviewing it. If I do have to do that, then it probably did not do its job. It’s another thing that there are films that make you want to watch them over and over again. 

Well, this spot with Shahid Kapoor made me understand that he’s engrossed in whatever is happening on his mobile. The logo is a giveaway that it is PokerBaazi and In the end, it is also revealed. The lead-in is an engaging audio-visual treat that will get noticed. There’s a nice finish towards the end saying, ‘Life main kuch bhi ho, in PokerBaazi you hold the cards’. A nod to the skills one needs to ace the game.

Joy e-Bike | Saath Chalein | Bharat Ka Bike 

A feel good song that underlines the keywords ‘progress’ and ‘together’. The attempt to stoke patriotic fervour gives it a familiar ‘seen this before’ feel, but the music and visuals make up for it. This is a joy to watch, but offers little to remember it by. Maybe the job was to establish the Indianness of the brand now.   

Disney Star | Make Space For All

Another pride month message, neatly executed. Young and sprightly rendition that should appeal to the youth. And a message that is meant for all.

What3Words | Making Addresses Simply Simple 

If this product does its job, it makes addresses – as we know them – history. The pain point of giving a delivery person directions is captured using the histrionic skills of the star to good effect. A use case, entertainingly told.

Starbucks | It Starts With Your Name 

Young woman missing her mom is taken to a Starbucks outlet by her colleague. When their order is ready, the young woman is addressed the way her mother would, courtesy her thoughtful friend. And voila, ‘It starts with your name’ drops on the viewer. This probably isn’t going to win an award for creative or strategy, but it will probably earn a few warm smiles. 

Volkswagen Virtus | Hello Goosebumps

Irresistible. Conveyed with a spin, literally, in the car. Inspiring? Not quite. The homecoming plot though, offers enough to keep us viewing long enough to join the joyride.   

Olx Autos | The Best Price 

The best price for not just the blown up cars the director is known for depicting but also normal cars, is the promise. The series of films featuring Rohit Shetty and Sharman Joshi have established that Olx Autos is the go-to ‘Best Price’ destination for all sorts of cars. Mission accomplished. 

Maxirich Gold | Max Energy Aur Immunity Ka Daily Dose

Another star brand ambassador. And he saves the day for a marriage party. The secret to his amazing energy? Enter the brand. Crisply done and doesn’t let one dwell on the lack of a spectacular idea. Delivers.    

Airtel Xstream Fiber | Superfast speeds for everyone’s needs

The pain point of suffering buffering is one that still haunts us at times. The problem and solution are depicted here with a bit of flair and without too much of a fuss.  

Sebamed | Face Wash Nahin Treat Karo 

Attempting to differentiate itself once again is Sebamed, this time with an acne solution. ‘Don’t wash your face, treat it’ is a line that puts the competition on the mat in a jiffy.   

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