Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 7 to 19 Sept 2022 | The Financial Express

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 7 to 19 Sept 2022

Brands that cut through: LEAD, Cadbury, Manyavar,, Tata Motors, Apollo Tyres, Indifusion,, Motilal Oswal.

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 7 to 19 Sept 2022
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

LEAD | Tab Jaake Bachche Kuch Ban Paate Hain

LEAD करता है #SaluteToParents

The brand takes the lead again in delivering an emotional ode, this time capturing the selfless sacrifices of parents. It must have been a hard task to match up to its previous work that saluted teachers for what they do. Written and directed evocatively, this #SaluteToParents film will appeal to parents and children alike. Alongside respect, it may also evoke a few tears. Parents are as important as any other stakeholder for an e-learning brand. This ode to them comes across as sincere, even if it packs a few cinematic cliches.

Cadbury Dairy Milk | Kabhi Kisi Aur Ki Khushi Main Shamil Hoke Dekhiye

Generosity need not be grandiose. Cadbury has reminded us of this in the past over many, many pieces of work. Here, it urges us to be happy for someone around us, partaking in their moment of joy, adding to it. The beautiful thought finds an earthy context via an unlikely protagonist – a

politician. His empathy and concern for his bodyguard and the latter’s daughter’s admission to a medical course, in the midst of a rally, is a truly fresh departure from the established ‘Thank You’ route. The generosity plank just got a generous dose of fresh wings.

Manyavar | Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye | Out Of Place

This is a riot. The same message that the brand has been spelling out for a while now, finds a creative route that’s fresh and funny. Ranveer Singh for once is not dancing and oozing energy but he still manages to add life to the spot. The premise is clear and uncompromised despite the star power – if you want to belong in the picture, ‘Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye’. What Amitabh Bachchan delivered with dialogues, Ranveer Singh does with a camera in hand.

Championing the ethic celebration wear space, Manvayar is owning it. | Upgrade To EatFit

The Bolly-spoof format reminds us of some stellar work from a similar sounding brand, Cultfit. The format is bound to get attention. Whether they can build on this will determine if audiences will remain interested.

Tata Motors | #DriveTheGoodInYou

You don’t need to understand Bengali to get this. There seems to have been a void – relevant work like this Durga Puja film seemed to be amiss in the automotive category. Not just is it culturally relevant, it also addresses a regional festival with the attention it deserves, something most national brands across categories have largely failed to do. The spot itself is all heart and spot on for a festive film. The message of goodness reminds us of what Tata Motors did for Ramadan not too far back (below). The Pujo film also manages to spotlight features of the car, by putting them to ‘good’ use.

Apollo Tyres | Tramplr | Go Beyond Sameness

This one cuts through crisply by going beyond the familiar ‘Go Beyond’ space with ‘Go Beyond Sameness’. If the sub-brand is targeted at biking enthusiasts taking on challenging terrains, it hits the spot. The seemingly familiar treatment gets interesting because of the fresh spin in the form of the theme.

A brand name that is perfect for the terrain meets a perfect partner for the ride in this film. The right mix of spunk and sass see this through.

Indifusion | Flaunt Your Indi

The essence of the brand comes through in its communication. When almost all brands look and feel the same, it becomes critical in a category like fashion to establish the differentiation, when you do have it. At first glance one wonders why they had used firang models for a brand that is essentially ‘Indi’. The film (that went live in mid-August) reminds us that it’s Indi+Fusion. The

models, location (and art), camera work and soundtrack bring the positioning to life vibrantly. | Jithna Chaho Uthna Bahar Jao

Ridiculously funny play on ‘Kithna Bahar’ gets you hooked and takes you places. The dramatic scenarios – a reluctant bride, bouncer at a disc, cop and car – set things up nicely for the comic capers. The windows to showcase travel destination options and experiences have been used well too.

Motilal Oswal | Research 360

“Investing Without Research Is Like Driving Blindfolded.” How do you bring that alive on screen? In a funny way? Here’s a good option.

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