How modern e-commerce augments consumer experience and brand loyalty

Hyper-personalisation is the most advanced way brands are tailoring their marketing to every customer

How modern e-commerce augments consumer experience and brand loyalty
E-commerce brands are tapping on the advantages of m-commerce solutions – attracting customers, increasing sales and ensuring sustainability and success of the brand

By Rajiv Kumar

With advances in technology, e-commerce has become increasingly efficient. Satisfactory consumer experience is on the top of the priority list of online retailers and enhancing brand value is their ultimate goal. As organisations look for ways to improve the customer experience, they are transforming their marketing programmes to make them even more digital, precise, targeted, and personalised.

However, the market that today’s brands are confronting is sharply aggressive and therefore, it is progressively hard to make a differential, favourable position on behalf of the brand. When contrasted with the past, with the advancement in technology, innovation and strategy; marketers’ occupation has turned out to be more troublesome. Even personalised campaigns that group targeted audience by segment or persona are no longer enough to hit the mark. And, with cost-consciousness always on top of mind, it is difficult than ever to optimise the marketing approach to target customers with relevant offers.

Leveraging technology to enhance customer experience

Over the past couple of years, brands are struggling to keep pace with technological innovations. With technological advancements, customers can now experience real world life through an imaginary environment created with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). AR and VR along with AI and automation are majorly driving the brand marketing strategies in today’s business world.

In today’s digital world, customer experience is the top priority in any company’s business model because experience matters. As a result, AR and VR are actively being incorporated into the marketing strategies of all retail brands. Moreover, brands are building image recognition solutions which let customers click the picture of a product, upload it and find a similar product or match it with an accessory in case of an outfit.

Let’s explore more about how technology is revolutionising e-commerce:

Extreme personalisation with headless commerce

E-commerce companies are increasingly getting attracted towards headless commerce which decouples the front end of a website from its functionality or back end and provides an extremely personalised experience to users. For experience-focused brands like lifestyle products and DTC brands, an experience-led strategy like headless commerce is the ultimate move towards providing hyper-personalisation. Hyper-personalisation is the most advanced way brands are tailoring their marketing to every customer. It not only helps the organisations to meaningfully engage customers but also facilitates them by deepening existing relationships and building new ones. Additionally, it helps in improving customer satisfaction, drive brand loyalty, overall marketing effectiveness and willingness to spend.

Hyperlocal e-commerce

Hyperlocal e-commerce is another feature which is helping e-commerce companies enhance the customer experience as it allows them to create multiple sub-stores based on customer geo-location, serving the unique needs of targeted customers. The customers can approach the local stores of their geographical region and enjoy a better shopping experience with fast delivery.

Localised content

Thanks to technology, e-commerce companies are efficiently reaching large masses without any hindrance of location or language. This is the result of multilingual e-commerce solutions which is helping brands translate their website into 100+ languages. The translation is hassle-free and automatic.


E-commerce brands are tapping on the advantages of m-commerce solutions – attracting customers, increasing sales and ensuring sustainability and success of the brand. Further, it helps in better efficiency, brand recognition, customer engagement and increased revenue. Also, with m-commerce, brands can easily create special deals for in-app purchases. Building these apps is easier with m-commerce ready e-commerce solutions which do not require any coding.

Logistics management

Logistics management sounds challenging especially during the festive season rush or seasonal sales. However, technology has solved this challenge as well, ensuring streamlined deliveries. Modern platforms have integrated logistics solutions which help brands reach customers faster and efficiently. Many platforms are also using automated delivery boy management system which helps them manage their own fleet of delivery agents. This additionally helps the brands to get better control of their hyperlocal e-commerce deliveries.

Multiple payment channels

E-commerce brands are tapping on the hassle-free and agile payment systems that ensure faster and frictionless checkouts for better conversions and effective customer experience. Modern platforms have incorporated multiple payment channels like e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, UPI, net banking etc. to facilitate faster checkouts.

The power of data analytics

Data is floating all around us and data analytics is providing documented returns to companies of all sizes across all industries. Data Analytics is a specialised data tool that helps brands extract crucial insights about customers from their purchasing patterns, social trajectories, and media behaviour. Its purpose is to build effective and targeted marketing strategies that maximise sales.

Summing Up!

As more brands are adopting personalisation along the customer journey, from consumer experience to dynamic pricing and from product design to outreach, consumers now expect a certain level of personalised interaction at all touchpoints. Therefore, brands must integrate technology into their platforms as well as communication to ensure a unique and personal connection with customers and fulfil their desire to be understood and appreciated.

The author is founder and CEO, StoreHippo

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