How brands can be prepared for a mobile-first customer world

Brands must not shy away from adopting the latest technologies to make their customers journey better

The 3 Vs, i.e., Video, Vernacular and Voice, can be very effectively used for a mobile-first customer
The 3 Vs, i.e., Video, Vernacular and Voice, can be very effectively used for a mobile-first customer

By Prasad Shejale

We are all aware of the speed at which mobile penetration is growing and how more and more people are accessing data on mobile devices thanks to the affordable rates for data. It won’t be too long when we will see a majorly mobile-first approach by consumers for fulfilling their needs. For many people, that’s the primary device to access information, entertainment, and shop. Mobile not just adds convenience and easy accessibility but provides a great opportunity of providing local data.

The 3 Vs, i.e., video, vernacular and voice, can be very effectively used for a mobile-first customer.

Here are some tips that can help your brand be ready for the mobile-first consumer world.

Understand your audience

I am sure this is something that we need to follow at any time whether the consumers are on a mobile, desktop or prefer offline experience. In the mobile-first world too, you need to have a good understanding of your audiences, preferences, etc. Without this, you might not be able to target them properly, provide them the experience they are looking for, and, eventually, have quality leads.

Design and Speed

With mobile devices, it is difficult to have a universal design that fits in properly and looks perfect on every device. It is essential to be aware of this fact and then design your content, creatives, etc. accordingly to provide a seamless and consistent experience for consumers despite the device they use. It is also crucial to be cognizant about the speed and provide your consumers with details, information, or anything else they need quickly. People these days need everything quick and you should be able to give that to them, or else they might opt for alternative solutions. Apart from this, you definitely need to have your own uniqueness and create an eye-catching design so that more and more users are attracted towards it, and they don’t shift to your competitors.

Adopt latest technologies

It is said that “You need to change with the changing times.” It’s true and essential while building and growing your brand too. Don’t shy away from adopting the latest technologies to make your customer’s journey better. We have many technologies like AR, VR, AI and ML that can help you add interesting features and personalise a user’s experience while they interact with your brand.

Snackable content

Gone are the days when people would spend time reading through detailed articles and documents to understand your offerings. People these days want everything in a jiffy. That doesn’t mean you do not share detailed information at all. However, you should also focus on creating snackable or short-format content that your users can consume quickly. Keep this content unique and engaging to ensure your consumers don’t deviate anywhere else.

Experimenting and improvising

Every day there are a lot of new features, developments and advances that are being built. To ensure you provide your mobile-first consumers a relevant, relatable and seamless experience, it is crucial to keep on experimenting with new ways of doing things, using modern tools and features, tweaking your strategies, and improvising the overall customer experience. In case of any challenges, you should be ready to learn from them and make the necessary changes in your processes or content or design and be at the top of your game to entice the consumers.

Humane approach and personalised touch

Lastly, but most importantly, you always need to have a humane approach when curating the consumer’s experience with you. Personalisation is something that we all know matters a lot to add warmth to your overall interactions. It’s necessary to remember these things always no matter whether the consumer is on mobile, desktop or even offline. After all, a mobile device is just a medium, but what you offer to your consumers, the way you interact and communicate with them, is something that will always have the upper hand.

These were some quick tips that are extremely important to provide a beautiful and memorable experience for the mobile-first consumers and keep them coming back to you.

The author is founder and CEO, Logicserve Digital

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First published on: 15-11-2020 at 16:28 IST