Factors expected to drive influencer marketing in 2022

Influencer marketing will hit $15 billion by 2022

Customers rely on their friends and people they admire the most rather than the companies who are selling the products.
Customers rely on their friends and people they admire the most rather than the companies who are selling the products.

By Gautam Madhavan

Influencer Marketing uses drives through content makers to increase brand awareness ,engagement to the brands’ target audiences. This collaboration among brands and makers permits organisations to extend their compass across their purchaser personas.

Social media, blogs, print and digital ads, columns, and television are examples of these channels. As we all know, things evolve over time, and ads have evolved to a large extent as traditional advertising has become less effective, resulting in modern advertising such as Influencer marketing gaining all eyes and attention and becoming very popular in businesses these days.

Customers rely on their friends and people they admire the most rather than the companies who are selling the products. Social media has changed the game for people now, whatever they want to purchase they make sure to look upon their reviews that bloggers have spoken about.

As we all have seen how influencer marketing paved its way, it is expected that influencer marketing will reach its peak by 2022. Due to the pandemic hit, the businesses have taken a different turn where they are much more dependent on the influencers to create an awareness about their brands and with no time they will get their amount of reach and visibility by their target audience.

Along these lines, we should plunge into what 2022 awaits for influencer marketing.

Emphasis on following preferred creators across all the desired social media platforms

These creators have their accounts everywhere possible and they have a generous amount of followers and few who happen to follow and interact with them everywhere possible wherever they appear. This means that successful influencers or creators cater to a massive audience where they interact with their audiences seamlessly without any hassle. These people are just not instagrammers or youtubers but they like to be called as special content creators who have a massive idea as to which platform your brands could be catering to and where they will gain mass audiences eyes to create brand visibility.

Shift from text and images to Audio and Video

People are now consuming more audio and video content, so influencers are shifting their trends to cope up with their audiences. People who follow an influencer of Instagram and watch their videos are the same people who will watch the content on youtube on being uploaded as they are the loyal followers and will never turn of them. Also, you will find podcasts on any topics these days to be in the trend and these are especially for people who love to hear basically the auditory learners. With the advent of audio and visual content text and images didn’t wear out yet as they can still be uploaded but in a different way where there is a better engagement, as people follow more video contents like for example insta- IGTV.

Live will become a greater part of Influencer Campaign

Lives have become popular in 2021 and will continue in 2022 as well. Influencers use this feature as it not only helps them to talk about their concerned brands or products they like but also engage with their audience, as people love interacting with their desired helps a brand to engage a lot of people and also thrives them to get hands on their products.

Brands will go for long term partnerships than on-off ones

As people love to see their influencers talk about the brands and also retain it for a longer time, as this will help them to decide if they want to pick that brand as the influencer have been talking about it for a long time, so they will have that trust that they can expect something out of the brands. Also, it takes time to make the sales as it doesn’t happen overnight. So, having an influencer do that for a longer period will serve a better result.

The collaborations will increase

The trends in the influencer marketing derives that in 2022 there will be an increasing number of collaborations and connections with influencers. There will be more influencer campaigns which will give them more drive and earning for their hard work.

Short Videos and Live Streams

As IGTV was a thing at the initial stage but later on audiences got restless to get hooked to such long format videos. Then marking the new feature which popped up recently were short videos like Moj and Reels to create their contents and people seemed to be pretty interested in that as in very minimal time they could see humongous contents. Even the Live stream can never go off trend as the audiences engage with the influencer and that feels much more personalised due to which they prefer watching Lives. Things have become very niche yet effective and it’s booming to a greater extent.

It is normal that by 2022, influencer marketing will hit $15 billion. It’s not hard to accept that this number alone makes most brands empty a gigantic spending plan into online media promoting.

The author is CEO of Mad Influence. Views expressed are personal.

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