Ericsson’s ‘Imagine Possible’ campaign aims to highlight India specific 5G use-cases

About 80-90% of the spends for the campaign will be diverted on digital and the remaining 10% on print

40 million smartphone users in India are expected to take up 5G in its first year of availability.
40 million smartphone users in India are expected to take up 5G in its first year of availability.

In order to highlight the role of 5G technology and its use-cases across various industries, Ericsson has rolled out a new brand campaign titled ‘Imagine Possible’ in India. The campaign is an extension of the global campaign launched by Ericsson last year which revealed the company’s new purpose and vision. In conversation with BrandWagon Online, Ruchika Batra, vice president, marketing and communications, Ericsson India, talks about the new brand campaign, the company’s positioning, Indian consumers’ appetite for 5G, and more. (Edited Excerpts)

As a brand, how has Ericsson evolved and what is the position you would want to have in the minds of Indian customers?

Our brand proposition is ‘Imagine Possible’ and we are relying on connectivity to open new possibilities for consumers. We have powered the country through generations of mobility, whether it’s 3G, 4G, now 5G and then preparing for 6G in the future. To sum up, we aim to be positioned as a company which provides connectivity that opens up new possibilities for consumers and enterprises. 

And your new campaign Imagine Possible is an extension of the belief..

The new campaign is based on 5G. With 5G round the corner, what we are seeking to do is to talk about the new possibilities that 5G will open up for consumers in India. To give a perspective, we have been driving 5G since 2019 with the first networks who have launched in different parts of the country. We have over time been bringing alive different use cases in different markets spanning both consumers and enterprises.

With that experience and knowledge of deployment across different geographies, we are seeing what are the new possibilities that are being realised in different parts of the world. We are analysing the different use cases that are coming to life using 5G, whether it’s from a consumer lens or from the enterprise perspective. With that, we brought to life this campaign which is Imagine Possible, which showcases the limitless possibilities that 5G will bring to India.  Here we are specifically focussed on four themes– healthcare, education, entertainment (which is the immersive experiences that 5G will bring to life) and manufacturing. 

And then when we really talk about what are the possibilities that 5G will open up, we are looking at enhanced mobile broadband being the first use case for Indian consumers. Over time, we do see new and very strong 5G use cases coming to life for enterprises.

When you say use cases, what role will 5G play in mobile gaming?

What we have seen in markets such as South Korea, is that cloud gaming has come up in a massive way with 5G. Operators there are doing multiple things– creating the whole ecosystem around gaming and offering that as a bundled service to consumers, while labelling and putting that as a service on their own platform, or pushing out some unique games to customers, by working with gaming companies. There are different models that are coming up. 

Cloud gaming is a very big opportunity. In one of the studies that Ericsson had done on 5G for consumers, cloud gaming had emerged as the most dominant revenue generating opportunity for service providers. There is potential for 5G to provide access in remote parts of the country and help bridge the digital divide. That’s where the education piece comes into play.

How will you promote your new campaign?

It is a technology driven campaign and we are essentially going digital in this campaign. We are leveraging social platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. We will be going live with Facebook in the next part of our social media activation. We have also done a display campaign. 

About 80-90% of our spends for the campaign will be diverted on digital, the rest of it will be on print but it will be selective and timed around specific events. Our objective is not only impressions, but we are also looking at having more engagement with the content. 

Will there be a premium fee attached to 5G services because services will get better? Is the Indian market ready to pay for it?

We had done our own consumer study in India. According to the study, 40 million smartphone users in India are expected to take up 5G in its first year of availability. So there is a definite appetite for 5G. 

When there was a check on whether they are willing to pay a premium, we found out that Indian consumers are willing to pay a premium provided that there are digital services that are bundled in and it’s not just 5G connectivity. As long as they get some additional services bundled on top of the 5G services, consumers are willing to pay more.

As per the Ericsson Mobility Report and its projections, 5G subscriptions will account for almost 39% of the overall mobile subscriptions in the country by 2027. 

All these indicators point toward a strong consumer appetite for 5G. 

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