Dentsu Impact’s Amit Wadhwa on the relationship between brands and agencies during Covid-19

The dos and don’ts for brands during a pandemic, reveals Wadhwa

Amit Wadhwa, president, Dentsu Impact
Amit Wadhwa, president, Dentsu Impact
Amit Wadhwa, president, Dentsu Impact
Amit Wadhwa, president, Dentsu Impact

At a time when everyone is trying to look beyond the pandemic called Covid-19, communication needs to be crafted carefully. There resides a chance of either too less talking or more. It is here that agencies play a significant role in hand-holding and telling brands the dos and don’ts of communication. In a candid chat with BrandWagon Online, Amit Wadhwa, president, Dentsu Impact talks about how brands need to act and react during such difficult times. (edited excerpts)

On the art of maintaining a relationship in a turbulent environment – brands and agencies

This is a time when the brand owners expect the agency partner to not just look at the short-term realities but also have a long-term view for the brand and most importantly be proactive than just reactive. These to me are the key ingredients for a healthy relationship because it has to be based on ‘are you as invested in the brand’. In short, own the brand and have regular conversations around it.

On the dos and don’ts brands need to follow when communicating with consumers

Be relevant, be sensitive, be visible and embrace digital (if you haven’t already)

Don’t go completely silent – the effort and money to rebuild is far higher than staying salient.
Don’t just sell, it’s important to create a connect beyond sales interactions.

On the periodicity of the conversation in these times

It depends on the conversation. Pleasant conversations have a huge repetitive value while the jarring ones are tough to go through even once. Create the right conversation and stay top of mind without becoming an irritant. The exact frequency might depend on variables such as category, medium etc. but I would rather over-do it a little than stay absent.

On the role agencies play in the life of brands and advertisers

The role that agencies should play is that of the business partner. Cliched as it may sound, this was true yesterday, is true today and shall remain even tomorrow. If I live and own the brand as much as the advertiser there is no reason for her/ him to not treat me as one.

And on the other hand, advertisers should also trust their agency partners and involve them in key decisions on the brand. Nothing works like trust and responsibility.

On the mantra that agencies and advertisers should follow to beat the Covid-19 blues

Create some great brand conversations. Nothing like great work that the consumers will love and talk back to you about.

Besides this, don’t just discuss short-term actions, look at things in the mid to long-term, we will see a lot of light at the middle of the tunnel and not just the end of it.

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