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BrandWagon Ad Talk with OML Entertainment’s Tusharr Kumar

Most marketers are thinking digital-first these days and the shift that’s really happened is where brands are thinking about how digital can drive impact through the funnel.

BrandWagon Ad Talk with OML Entertainment’s Tusharr Kumar
Brands need to be nimble in the way they communicate with their consumer communities both online and offline.

The pandemic has brought about notable shifts across industries, and the case has been no different for marketing. Today, digital marketing has become a crucial aspect in order to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. In our weekly BrandWagon Ad Talk series, industry experts highlight what has changed over the past two years and more importantly, are these changes here to stay. Tusharr Kumar, chief operating officer (COO), OML Entertainment, talks to BrandWagon Online, about the dos and don’ts of digital marketing, best marketing campaigns, and more.

What is the difference between launching a brand in today’s digital era versus earlier?

Most marketers are thinking digital-first these days and the shift that’s really happened is where brands are thinking about how digital can drive impact through the funnel. In reality, the linear concept of the funnel in itself is becoming very redundant.

Above-the-line and below-the-line have merged, offline and online commerce are fusing and the way of discovering a new brand or product has become so much more non-linear. In new consumers’ journeys awareness, consideration, intent and purchase exist simultaneously.

Brands need to be nimble in the way they communicate with their consumer communities both online and offline.

What are the recent best marketing or advertising campaigns you have seen and why?

Without sounding like we’re tooting our own horn. A recent campaign that we executed for the Oppo f21 Pro was- ‘Party with Varun & the Gang!’, which targets a GenZ audience by demonstrating how the OPPO F21 Pro is the best camera phone in this segment.

We were tasked with using Varun Dhawan to promote the OPPO F21 Pro and its features. But we ended up creating a content series that kept audiences on their toes, keeping them guessing about what’s going to happen next, all the while centering it around Varun Dhawan. The cherry on top was Varun Dhawan himself could not predict what’s happening next.  We took the audience on a journey with Varun.

With multiple series, it draws attention to details, allowing the audience to see Varun Dhawan’s spontaneity, with OPPO F21 being the mastermind capturing Varun Dhawan’s notorious and candid features. The campaign demonstrated OPPO’s ability to INSPIRE THEM TO DO MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, as well as capture these memories IN THE MOST MODERN WAY.

Which brand in the last year has made the best use of digital and how?

Netflix India as a brand has really driven some amazing digital impact across the board. Their social media has some of the highest levels of engagement and community involvement. Their editorial team has deciphered their consumer cohorts really well and is creating content that works well for each platform they’re on.

Even when Netflix India does title marketing campaigns – the pop culture impact that the title marketing itself drives is phenomenal. At times the title marketing campaigns are better than even the show they’re marketing.

They have also tapped into the creator universe – bringing Bollywood and creators together in the most organic way – bringing value to both worlds. Influencers help them drive conversation both on the brand platform and off it.

One of the most relevant examples is Kota Factory season 2 campaign, where Netflix successfully created buzz through the campaign, capturing the different dimensions. Not only did the characters resonate with the audience, but they also aided in the creation of candid conversations that eventually captured the audience’s attention. The most appealing aspect was the #OutOfSyllabus, which assisted the audience in connecting with the reel life concept, bridging the gap between reel and real life. The campaign also allowed Jeetu Bhaiya aka Jitendra Kumar’s fanbase to participate and actively took topics worth commenting on and participating in. Quora was also the platform that leveraged the campaign in a very unique way, connecting with students taking IIT exams.

Not only that but the campaign was featured in an IPL 2021 advertisement on Hotstar, narrating amusing analogies and drawing a comparison between IPL and IIT entrance exam preparations in two brand films. Besides Twitter banter, taking route in print media ads in Coaching classes and collaborating with OK Tested also helped the campaign to see the dimensions

In a post-Covid world, what are the dos and don’ts of digital marketing?


  • Create communities online with your target audience and sustain the conversation with them. A marketing plan with only spike activations will never deliver the intended digital impact
  • Social media marketing needs to have an editorial way of thinking and voice
  • Evaluate the best way of reaching your audience and having two-way conversations – essentially work with creators to tap into organic reach


  • Don’t create invasive digital advertising campaigns that are run at over-indexed ineffective frequency
  • Don’t sound preachy on digital marketing
  • Stop getting tempted to invest in fad Web3 assets, but focus on how you will build communities in the Web3 universe and have an authentic conversation with your audience

One recent bad case of advertising you have seen, and why?

This definitely has to the horrible deodorant advertisement that Layer’r Shot did that promoted rape culture. Really bad taste, really bad planning and is not thought through at all.

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First published on: 04-12-2022 at 14:07 IST