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Blogger’s park: From followers to formula

How to take a more scientific approach to influencer marketing

Blogger’s park: From followers to formula
Influencer discovery should be based on quality, not quantity.

Ankit Agarwal

If the effectiveness of influencer content was ever in question, Neuro-Insight’s study put it to rest. The neuro analytics company compared the brain’s response to regular ads vis-à-vis influencer ads and discovered that influencer content was 277% more emotive and 87% more memorable. While the brain barely reacted to TV ads, painting it the blue of low activity, it lit up like the pink sky at sunrise when shown influencer ads. The study attests to the fact that influencer-generated content hits the jackpot for marketers. But that success hinges on a simple premise: the influencer. Get them right, and everything else falls into place. Yet, this is where most brands falter.

Influencer discovery should be based on quality, not quantity. Quality here implies both the calibre of the content the influencer produces and the engagement it receives. To get superior quality, a marketer must sift through engagement metrics and ensure the influencer matches the brand’s persona.

The technology that drives influencer marketing away from gut feeling and manual work into the realm of science and automation is end-to-end management platforms. These disruptive innovations use application programming interface (API) to link to an influencer’s social accounts. From there, they begin to fetch data to create a comprehensive profile of the influencer: How many followers do they have? What is the demographic make-up of their audience? It builds the profile further by calculating the influencer’s index score, factoring in data points such as followers-to-engagement ratio and posting frequency. It vets for anomalies like a sudden rise in followers to ascertain they are authentic, passing each influencer through a stringent validation process.

Influencer marketing platforms guarantee brand safety by scrutinising previous and past content to understand the influencer’s interests and brand affinities. So, if a marketer needs a 29-year-old mom-influence from Pune who loves red hats and creates Marathi content, the platform delivers exactly that.

Taking a scientific approach to influencer marketing has brought the industry to a precipice. Not because it brings brands and marketers out of the echo chamber of blindly collaborating with influencers, but because they disrupt the status quo, making influencers more accessible to all. It’s only a matter of time before platforms become the norm rather than the exception when executing influencer campaigns.

The author is CEO & founder, Do Your Thng

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