#BackToBusiness: Resulticks’ Mani Gopalaratnam on the strategy that needs to be followed to bounce back

How brands can create at-home meaningful experiences for consumers

Mani Gopalaratnam, CEO and CTO, customer success, Resulticks
Mani Gopalaratnam, CEO and CTO, customer success, Resulticks

As brands try to find a sign of semblance post a period of uncertainty, it has become more important than ever to understand and evolve as per changing consumer expectations. From selling goods online to incorporating consumer feedback are some of the ways brands are trying to remain relevant. Mani Gopalaratnam, CEO and CTO, customer success, Resulticks talks about how brands and agencies can engage with their consumers–

On the playbook brands and agencies need to adopt in the new normal

In 2021, businesses need to have a comprehensive strategy for adapting to a significantly more digital-centric landscape. They need to shake up their business models to align with the new normal, all while developing products and services that can be delivered digitally and resonate with changing consumer preferences.

They should also explore solutions and innovations that can bring the personal touch of in-person channels into the seamless convenience that many have come to expect from digital. This will of course have to go hand in hand with increased cybersecurity preparedness to assure consumers that they can trust brands with their personal data.

On the gradual return of the business – how much of it has been restored and the new trends which can be spotted compared to pre-Covid times

Depending on the sector, businesses are back to 50%, and even 80%, of the normalcy before Covid-19. Even travel and hospitality could see a major resurgence in late 2021 and early 2022.

In terms of specific trends affecting how things are done, we will see many innovations in ecommerce logistics, health tracking, digital payments offline-online business integrations, virtual customer experiences, and more. Self-service will also grow as consumers become accustomed to minimal or no brand interactions at any touch point. This will no doubt further solidify the personal customer journey as a must for most businesses.

On how brands can create at-home meaningful experiences for consumers

To create meaningful customer experiences, brands need to first get their data in order. Consolidated, cleansed, and properly activated, data will provide insights into how their customers are behaving and what they prefer.

Robust identity resolution capabilities are also crucial to the delivery of seamless customer experiences. Such solutions will help figure out the digital identities and profiles of their diverse customers, ensuring that their journeys are always informed by what occurred before, no matter the place or time.

Combined with effective tools for orchestrating omnichannel experiences, brands can deliver hyper-relevant interactions, offers, and content that form a segment-of-one journey for every customer.

On how brands can make the most of the shift towards digital

The digital shift is not a temporary fix. It is a paradigm change with major, wide-ranging implications for every business. Brands should adopt a digital-first mindset, embrace innovations, and approach the customer as an omnichannel individual. The digital new normal demands new solutions, processes, strategies, and even talents, so brands need to identify gaps in their tech stack all while developing plans for potentially up-/re-skilling their teams to maximize success.

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First published on: 01-02-2021 at 10:00 IST