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India Blockchain Conclave HIGHLIGHTS: Growing relevance of digital asset and introduction of CBDC

The scope of blockchain technology as ultimately a global consensus system

India Blockchain Conclave HIGHLIGHTS: Growing relevance of digital asset and introduction of CBDC
FE India Blockchain Conclave: Web3.0 blockchain to be the base for many innovations.

India Blockchain Conclave (IBC) Highlights: Web3.0 aims to theorise that the internet takes another step toward self-sufficiency, which will result in the development of an entirely new set of technologies and protocols. Thus, leading to a whole new set of technology. Blockchain technology has provided a peer-to-peer network and also the Web3.o principles of participation.

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FE Blockchain Conclave 2022 LIVE:

18:19 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
Business Imperatives of Metaverse

Metaverse replace the phrase “the metaverse” in a sentence with cyberspace”. Ninety percent of the time, the meaning won't substantially change. That's because the term does not really refer to any one specific type of technology,” Nitin Gaur, Global Head of Digital Asset & Technology Design, State Street, said.

17:54 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
The Game of Lending

Game of Lending

There were challenges earlier including KYC, but within 4-5 years, the technology has changed a lot,” Dipesh Karki, Co-founder, and CTO, LenDenClub, said.

How DeFi is a very important word in lending?

“DeFi provides the speed of lending. DeFi gives the authority to run the lending even in transactions, thus, giving life and longevity,” Deepak Ghadge, Co Founder, Mater Mentors Advisory, said.

17:29 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
Blockchain in OTT

How OTT brings power to the blockchain?

“The Indian consumer is price-sensitive and The content has to be a video on demand. The revenue that comes from advertising goes to the users as a reward,” Vikram Tanna, CEO, Mzaalo, said.

“The main focus is to create complete decentralised content creation. Blockchain has given this the power of decentralised single storage. The thesis is to bring equal distribution of revenue,” Nitin Narkhede, Founder, The-Ally, said.

16:52 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
The Crypto Play

Recent fall of cryptocurrency exchange

A consequence of the fall of some recent cryptocurrency exchanges in the recent pasts is like a cleansing effect that has removed bad actors from the crypto industry. Money has 5,000 years of history. Every 5 years, someone goes bankrupt,” Edul Patel, Co-founder, and CEO, Mudrex, said.

Possible regulations amid the FTX fall

“A recent fall happened because of an individual's greed. It will force governments to be seen. In the recent G-20 summit, Prime Minister Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman have already said that they have consulted actions on crypto. More to come in 2023 after the G-20 presidency to India,” Rajagopal Menon, vice president, WazirX, said.

16:17 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
Blockchain in Supply chain and logistics

"The other important learning is to get in touch with other companies and collaborate with their companies' logistic partners”

Ajay Singh, Co-Founder and CIO, DLT Labs

Learning while processing supply chain on blockchain

The other important learning is to get in touch with other companies and collaborate with their companies' logistic partners,” Ajay Singh, Co-Founder and CIO, DLT Labs, said.

15:26 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
Blockchain in Media

How blockchain can help the media industry?

“Blockchain can bring back the value that the middleman is taking in revenue and allow the intermediaries to have less control over the monetisation,” Mairu Gupta, blockchain advisor, said.

Metaverse as need-of-hour

The term 'community' is coming into play. It's been a journey and we have seen multiple trends happening in the years. We have launched the metaverse because it is the need-of-hour,” Rahul Mishra, Head, Web 3.0 Initiatives, Shemaroo, said.

Meta mask wallet and its limitations. What are the challenges being faced?

“Crypto is not easy but can be simplified. We see limitations on ramping. Banks are restricting transactions. KYC, anti-money laundering, and especially the cost of transaction is very high. Using a meta mask has a learning curve to make sure users are not using money amid gas fees. As we move towards improbability, things are getting easy,” Animesh Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, ZILLSKILL, added.

15:12 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
NFT and more NFTS

All you need to know about NFTs!

“When we value any asset, we can not understand its potential site of it. With NFTs, the supply slot can not be mounted,” Prashant Surana Jain, Co-founder, Snapper Blockchain Technology and Innovations, Co-founder, Cryptoforce, said.

The biggest problem we are seeing is that NFTs are seen with art and collectibles. The majority of the use cases will move around the certification of identities, music, and loyalty programs. Apart from this, real estate assets can not be ignored,” Naman Kabra, Core-Business Development and Growth, AssetMantle, said.

14:33 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
Building a Human-Centric Metaverse: The Future of a Citizen-focused Decentralised Economy

Human-centric metaverse gives a sense of self-sovereignty

“The fundamental of metaverse to me is the ownership and self-sovereignty. Decentralised open web 3.0 will achieve to give us control of our data including finance, and interactions,” Naseem Naqvi, President, The British Blockchain Association, said.

12:58 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
Brands hop onto Metaverse and NFT

How brands are harnessing the metaverse technology?

“Brands are able to build a community for their superfans, clients, who are evangelists. The e-commerce platforms are solving users' problems. Cosmetic and fashion industry are working together and exploring metaverse,” Manasa Rajan, CEO, Jupiter Meta, said.

How can metaverse affect the SMEs and smaller brands?

Understanding customer behavior and the happening is the main goal for the small business groups and brands. The other factor is co-creation. These are base where SMEs can work,” Nirupam Srivastava, VP Strategy, M&A and AI/Digital, Hero Group, said.

12:21 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
The Metaverse Land

Why land in the metaverse?

“Lands are the digital spaces that have always been available even in the Web2. With Web3.0, a sense of ownership can be assigned to people by leveraging blockchain. We are moving from Web2 (centralised) to Web3.0 (decentralised),” Nipun Seth, Chief Metaverse Officer, CTO, Shoppertainment, said.

“It takes an innovation and implementation roadmap while working with new technology. In the land space, the certain organisation is regulatory driven and all come with reason,” Prashant K Singh, Consulting Manager – Digital TX and Customer Experience, Deloitte Digital, said.

11:53 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
The Curious Case of Decentralised Technology

“The customers, developers, and engineers are exploring the decentralised technology. Blockchain is one of the ways that people can go into decentralisation. While it was inherited from Bitcoin, a lot of the concepts, we are looking towards implementation much beyond a distributed ledger, P2P,” Sankalp Sharma, Co-founder and VP, Engineering, Zeeve, said about the future of decentralised technology.

11:00 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
CBDC and Digital Assets

10:15 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
Digital Assets and its growing relevance

What role can blockchain play in the business sector?

Speaking about the role of blockchain in the business sector, Alexander Szul, co-founder, Benqi and Rome Blockchain Labs said that the global music industry had about a 27billion USD in revenue. Of that artists kept 10-15 % of the records. We can use blockchain and Artificial intelligence (AI) and can create a decentralised music marketplace.

Web3.0 blockchain technology in Education

Over 6.6 billion people have mobile accessibility. However, 66% of children receive a secondary education. The 'structural educational system' and uploading it to a blockchain system can come as a savior. Connecting it to the student identification section attached to the government records, the AI system can analyze their performance in their education, Alexander Szul, co-founder, Benqi and Rome Blockchain Labs, said.

Is the introduction of CBDC the end of the road for multiple exchanges?

“In my opinion, there is no correlation between the CBDC and cryptocurrency. CBDC is a mandate of the government. It will take time for CBDC to create an impact,” Vikram R Singh, CEO, Antier Solutions, said.

10:01 (IST) 2 Dec 2022
FE India Blockchain Conclave 2022 kicks off!

Sanjay Sindhwani, CEO, Indian Express Digital, kicks off the FE India Blockchain Conclave 2022.

FE Blockchain Conclave 2022 LIVE:

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