Bakery Focus

Real chocolate – real delight

From the beauty of the Belcolade chocolate for the perfect chocolate mousse to specially crafted non-dairy topping Ambiante, there is a lot that Puratos offers in the upcoming festive season

Hit cool this summer!

Customers are ready to give their kitchens a mini break as the summer heat doesn’t mix well with long drawn out cooking, it is then the perfect time to indulge them in their quest for the new and yu

Come experience world class products

If you are in a New York state of mind, or simply in the mood for a cheesy dessert, if heesecake is really your thing, but its very cumbersome and temperamental recipe forbids you from making it on a

Modernising traditional flavours: Holi and beyond

Holi marks the end of the cold winter and warming up of the Indian subcontinent. With that, begins the festive season following a small lull after New Year’s Eve. So too begins the festivities and t

Tap into the season of indulgence and love

Come February as the weather begins to slowly get warmer, the biting cold in the air recedes, the air changes to one of anticipation, of celebrating love, of Valentine’s Day, which is just around t

Cash in on the donut revolution!

As consumers move towards fast foods and foods that can be eaten fast, one handy temptation is the donut

Chocolate on your mind

Keeping an eye on the growing demand for chocolate, Puratos has introduced two compound variants, CARAT Supercrem and CARAT Coverliq

A Colourful Dhamakedar Diwali

As every Indian festival is celebrated with lots of food - sweets and savoury traditions that have been followed from generations to generations, Puratos has introduced a perfect chocolate cake for th

Let your cake tell a unique story this festive season

More and more people are moving away from serving only traditional sweets to including cakes and chocolates as an integral part of their celebrations

The science of intelligent baking

Starting their dream project AG Industries in 1994, Alok Gupta and Anita Gupta have strived hard to make the company’s products a leading brand in the bakery and food services industry

Puratos’ sure fire winners

Those tempestuous creatures that refuse to behave on bad days and simply flow into form on good ones leaving one in awe of the beauty that comes when you bring together flour, butter, sugar and maybe

Chocolate magic

With a growing number of consumers prefering chocolate based desserts, there is a belief that food innovation will be the leader in growth of the food industry

Healthy treats, sumptuous feasts

As consumers across the world are becoming more conscious of the food in their plates, moving towards 'natural' choices, Puratos is focusing on healthy offerings

Let them eat chocolate cake

What sells faster than hot cakes? Chocolate cakes undoubtedly. The rich cocoa flavour coupled with Puratos’ trademark moist mouth feel, creates a cake so light that even the most discerning will not

Fruit passion

VIVAFIL, Puratos' new range of fruit purees with more than 20 per cent real fruit, appeals to both the cost conscious and flavour conscious consumer

Colours that create magic!

Cake decoration is not simply a craft but rather an art, where creation takes on an edible form. Puratos Decorfil Glaze range takes cake decoration to a new level

Taste vs Tradition

Indians, as a whole, are deeply rooted to the traditions of their families and their cultures. And nowhere is this more evident than in their palates. While they may be willing to push the boundaries

Red Velvet: The magic of love

Using recipes perfected over generations from their countries of origin, Puratos has introduced yet another special international product

Presenting in style

We Indians love our food to be hot, but can we create innovative buffet presentations and maintain the temperature at the same time, asks hotelier Arjun Abbi

Puratos introduces Carat RTU Ganache Hazelnut

Puratos Hazelnut Ganache is made from the finest compound chocolate and nuts with Belgium and Turkish expertise

The magical chocolate experience

What is it about chocolate that can melt the heart? Chocolate by itself is that magical element that can heal most wounds from a broken heart to a scrapped knee. Chocolate is the dessert of choice wor

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