Volkswagen Connect Review: Gateway to Connected Car Experience

Volkswagen Group launched the Volkswagen Connect on its cars in India some time back and in this story, we explain what VW Dataplug technology is, how it works and how does it affect your driving experience.

By: | Updated: May 14, 2019 2:26 PM
volkswagen connect review Volkswagen Connect DataPlug

If one puts aside the hype around electric cars in present times, the next big point of discussion is connected cars, which are a piece of the jigsaw known as autonomous cars. Many carmakers have different approaches towards offering a connected car experience and recently we had a chance to test Volkswagen's take on this subject. Volkswagen launched the Volkswagen Connect on its cars in India some time back and in this story, we explain what this technology is and how will it make a difference to you.

What is Volkswagen Connect?

In simple words, it's a plug-and-play dongle that comes as a factory fitment. It allows you to pair your smartphone to the onboard diagnostics (OBD) device in the car. In turn, you can get all important information regarding the car straight on to your phone, thereby connecting you directly to the vehicle. This not only allows you to have a better chance of maintaining vehicle health but it also adds a significant amount of convenience for the driver/ owner.

Volkswagen Connect Functions

Connect is fairly simple to use and all you need to do is pair your Android/ Apple phone to the system using Bluetooth by feeding in the code on the white Connect device. The code needs to be entered in the Volkswagen Connect app available on stores of both Android and Apple. Once paired the pairing automatically activates when you start the car provided your phone Bluetooth is on.

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What Can you do with Volkswagen Connect?

Well, there's literally a lot that you can do with the Volkswagen Connect so it's a great thing that the app has a simple interface, which should be easy to operate for most people. As far as the functions are concerned, here's an explanation of some of the most notable features.

1. My Volkswagen: The 'My Volkswagen' feature of the Volkswagen Connect shares all the important data related to the vehicle with the owner. For instance, vehicle registration number, vehicle VIN number, mileage, battery voltage, fuel tank level, service intervals along with the type of tyre used.

2. Digital Logbook: The Digital Logbook feature records all the trips. It stores important details related to the trips that you do in your car. For instance, you can assign a trip in three different categories of private, commute or business. In addition to this, the logbook also stores other important data such as distance, time and fuel consumed. With the help of this, one can stay well informed about various important vehicle statistics.

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3. Driving Style Analysis: This feature of the Volkswagen Connect analysis your driving style. These include speed, braking behaviour, coolant temperature, acceleration, and RPM. The following feature will help you drive your vehicle in a fuel-efficient manner.

4. Challenges: This offers the owners of a Volkswagen to compare themselves with other Volkswagen owners on the basis of a series of challenges and earn points and trophies along the way.

5. Fuel-Monitoring: The fuel-monitoring system records data every time the owner fills-up fuel tank. When the vehicle starts and the system detects that the owner is re-fulling, it will send a notification and then one can decide if they want to start the detailed recording by entering the number of litres purchased. With the help of this, one can always be aware of where and how much he/she has refilled, what were the costs and also deduce what are the monthly fuel costs.

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6. Roadside assistance: In the event of a breakdown, this features helps the owner get in touch with 24-hour breakdown services. This feature remains active even when travelling abroad. It also allows the owner to share its vehicle data and location with the help of the app with the nearest Volkswagen service partner.

7. Service and Appointments: This feature of the Volkswagen Connect helps the owner store the information about their service centre and also help you with the route to the same. When on the road, one can access all the nearest service centres around. The app also helps the owner book a service appointment in advance.

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8. Parking Locator: With the help of this feature, one can access the last parked location of their vehicle. The app also helps you navigate to the said location and if needed, shares the GPS location the vehicle with your family members over Whats App. At the same time, the duration at one particular parking space is also monitored, which helps in avoiding parking beyond the required time.


The Volkswagen Connect is an impressive technology and effectively transforms a regular driving experience into a connected one. It brings in added convenience and safety, which is a win-win situation for the consumer. So if you're buying a Volkswagen car with Connect we strongly recommend you use it to its full potential and enjoy a better and safer ownership experience.

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