BMW G310 GS First Ride Review: Power, Poise, Prowess – a complete package

BMW G310 GS, the entry-level ADV in BMW Motorrad's product line up, is finally here. Express Drives brings you the first ride experience of a 300cc adventure motorcycle which stands a strong chance of gaining better traction in India.

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The wait for BMW Motorrad's most affordable twins stretched for a while and that is pretty much what further accentuated the expectations. Now that the prices have been revealed, there have been speculations over their performance and where the two fit in the market. Having ridden them both, I'm convinced the BMW G310 GS sits at a spot well defined for it. The entry-level adventure motorcycle from the German manufacturer is a promising package, with power that's not too much but not too less, comfort that enables more kilometres on the odo and riding dynamics that instil confidence on dirt.

BMW G310 GS priceBMW G310 GS is priced at Rs 3.49 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Adventure motorcycles are a fairly new segment in India and those under 500cc are all the more so. BMW G310 GS is a purpose-built motorcycle, however, the power delivery, how it handles, ergonomics all combined together easily render it a motorcycle worthy of everyday usage as well. Here's a better understanding bit by bit:


BMW G310 GS gets a typical ADV silhouette with a sharp beak upfront and a tall stance. At the rear, it gets a luggage carrier and mounts for additional panniers. The motorcycle weighs in at about 175 kilograms, which quite frankly quite is a lightweight deal, considering it is a 300cc bike.

BMW G310 GS is equipped with dual-channel ABS.BMW G310 GS is equipped with dual-channel ABS.

A very well proportioned design, the G310 GS is rather easy to handle with rider ergonomics that do not stress the back or the arms, which is a prerequisite for long distance riding. It comes in three colours – white, grey and red, and I reckon you wouldn't have to stress picking one. In my mind, the colour combinations work well on all three of them.

BMW G310 GS gets telescopic forks up front and a monoshock at the rear, with 180mm of travel.BMW G310 GS gets telescopic forks up front and a monoshock at the rear, with 180mm of travel.


A much-talked engine, a 313cc four-valve water-cooled single-cylinder engine powers the BMW G310 GS. Much talked about as it was developed under a collaboration between BMW Motorrad and an Indian motorcycle manufacturer, TVS Motor Company.

BMW G310 GS is powered by a 313cc single-cylinder engine.BMW G310 GS is powered by a 313cc single-cylinder engine.

The throttle response from the G310 GS is smooth and the engine does not have much unnecessary NVH (noise vibrations and harshness). In fact, it feels rather refined. The G310 GS is fairly quick off the line with its 34 bhp and 28 Nm, considering it is a single-cylinder ADV. But since it is an ADV, how quick it is off the line is less of a priority.

BMW G310 GS comes with a fully digital instrument cluster.BMW G310 GS comes with a fully digital instrument cluster.

Riding dynamics

What's higher on the priority list is the comfort for long distance riding, a capability to better absorb stress on rough patches and to ride through tough terrains. BMW G310 GS delivers pretty much on all these aspects. It is the entry-level adventure tourer from the German brand, which means something. It means that riders with less adventure riding experience can very well have a great time on it.

BMW G310 GS gets a 19" wheel up front and a 17" at the rear.BMW G310 GS gets a 19" wheel up front and a 17" at the rear.

Even is a rider isn't very tall, they'll find it easy to handle the G310 GS. The riding posture is comfortable with an upright back, which takes away all the stress from the arms. Although, while standing on the footpegs, taller riders might find the sculpting on the tank to brush against the knees.

BMW G310 GS comes with a 300 mm single disc up front and a 240 mm single disc at the rear.Braking on the BMW G310 GS is handled by a 300 mm single disc up front and a 240 mm single disc at the rear.

The suspension set up, with telescopic forks up front and a monoshock at the rear, is quite plush and absorbs defects in the road well. It gets 180 mm of travel in suspension both front and back, which is quite appropriate if you're planning to take it for some serious off-roading.

Watch BMW G310 GS review below:

BMW G310 GS gets a 300mm single disc up front and a 240mm single disc at the rear. Braking is instant with a substantial but non-threatening bite from the callipers. It comes with BMW's dual channel ABS, which can be switched off.


There's little the BMW G310 GS lacks in, and currently, it does not face direct competition in its segment. There's Kawasaki Versys X-300 (Rs 4.69 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi), which is considered to be a capable entry-level ADV, but the price tag on it is way bigger than the G310 GS.

BMW G310 GS vs kawasaki versys x300BMW G310 GS so far does not have a direct rival.

The other one is Royal Enfield Himalayan, which may be much more affordable (Rs 1.7 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi) but does not pack as much power or electronics. So, even with the price tag of Rs 3.49 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), the G310 GS should be able to enjoy dominance in its category.

As far as performance and refinement go, BMW G310 GS delivers on comfort, easy handling, capability and a quality finish. A buyer looking forward to stepping into adventure riding can very well consider investing in a G310 GS, as it will prove to be a fantastic machine to train on. And if they happen to be experienced riders, the G310 GS instils confidence for spirited riding and will be incredible fun.

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