BMW G 310 RR Review – Heart over head

The BMW G 310 RR is currently the most affordable way of entering the BMW ecosystem.

BMW G 310 RR Review – Heart over head

This is the BMW G 310 RR, and yes, there is a more affordable version of this motorcycle as a child of the BMW and TVS collaboration called the TVS Apache RR310 and since the former’s launch, enthusiasts have been wondering why did BMW conceive of something like this?

It is more expensive than its TVS counterpart, has less features but brand matters. Just like one might inch towards a Rado when a Timex also tells you the correct time, the G310 RR has brand power on its side. It tells you why brand value and personal choice mixed with purchasing capabilities, go a long way.

BMW G 310 RR: Bling king

There’s no denying that the BMW G310 RR looks like a million bucks in this particular ‘Race Style’ livery that makes you shell out extra, upto Rs 30,000-35,000 over the Apache RR 310. The loud BMW badging, the exquisite BMW roundel on the fairing this big G 310 RR moniker on the tank, shouts out loud that you are riding a piece of German excellence. Even the paint sheen is at par with the higher S 1000 RR or the R 1250 GS.

It’s a head-turner and what an ego-boost on the road. thatt takes a little bit of the sting away from paying such a premium for buying it and what you’ll periodically shell out to keep it that way.

Speaking about the cost of ownership, and with insights from current Apache RR310 owners, the difference is not absolutely radical. BMW, of course is on the higher end but both bikes use the same engine and most of the same hardware. What you do expect and and receive to a very large extent from BMW is a little pampering for the extra that you pay.

BMW G 310 RR Vs TVS RR 310

While differentiating these two cousins, one thing that hurts are the tyres. The BMW gets Michelin Pilot Street rubber instead of the Michelin Road 5 tyres on the TVS and the Road 5 being much superior, make a lot of difference in the way the bike rides and handles. While the Pilot street is adequate for everyday ride, but when you wish to extract some performance from them, they cannot quite match the Road 5.

Another difference is that although The 5.5-inch TFT instrument console is the same as the TVS, the welcome message sings BMW, but misses out on Bluetooth connectivity and race telemetry that the TVS offers.
The BMW also misses out on the option of fitting fully-adjustable suspension on the G 310 RR, which is available with the Apache RR310 under TVS’ BTO programme.

BMW G 310 RR: Engine and performance

The G 310 RR does duty using BMW’s familiar liquid-cooled 312cc single-cylinder engine, also seen on the G 310 R, G 310 GS, and the Apache RR 310. The motor churns around 34bhp and 27Nm of torque and is paired to a 6-speed transmission, with a slipper-and-assist clutch. Both the TVS and the BMW get four riding modes – Urban, Rain, Sport and Track.

With your back arched and helmet visor down, the G 310 RR feels just like the RR 310 with a similar surge of power offered around the 6,000 rpm mark. This was the first time I rode a BMW on two wheels and it never felt distant from its ancestors. Sheer riding pleasure. The bike will intimidate you at the beginning of your relationship, especially if you’ve chosen this baby RR as your entry into this segment, but in less than 15 minutes and one strong mid-range wind later, you are one.

However, this ‘you are one’ analogy feels too real in terms of vibrations that are felt throughout the rev range. It’s felt more due to the committed riding position that pins most of your upper body weight on your wrists. The engine is gruff and gets even more aggressive in the Sport and Track mode.

BMW G 310 RR: Ride & dynamics

The BMW G 310 RR weighs around 174 kgs and stands 811mm high. For a 5’4 feet rider like me, its quite easy to handle. What further elevates confidence is how well it rides over broken roads. The suspension absorbs every little/big niggle on the road without batting an eyelid. That translates into the rider hosting the confidence to go fast and nippy.

Another difference between the two is that the TVS gets petal-style disc brakes, said to offer better heat dissipation, compared to the regular brake discs on the BMW. It would take a very seasoned rider to actually feel a lot of difference on it because to us, they felt largely the same. Yes, the riding position is on the sportier side and long hours on the bike might make you sit up and stretch at every other red light. In case you’re one of the tall, lucky ones sitting a little upright, it means less redlight yoga for you.


A lot of people have wondered about the viability of the BMW G 310 RR, and while it is true that it will cater to a very niche segment of the market, and while it might not make an ideal case for it in India, it was developed with exports in mind, and will be considered a great offering in markets where the TVS Apache RR 310 is not available. And even if we take that out of the equation, the G 310 RR is a versatile package for everyday use with some occasional heat on the track.

I understand that there is a lot of conjecturing around the word ‘brand value’ or when people just argue that ‘ Its a BMW ya’ but the thing is, BMW is around 106 years old and it has spent over a century perfecting what brand it is today. You’re not only investing in present-day skill but for the time and experience, it has spent reaching here. When you buy the G 310 RR you’re buying into the coveted ecosystem of the company that owns Rolls Royce.

Apart from that and as a standalone product, the G 310 RR will seem perfect for riders looking for an entry-level sports bike that offers good dynamics and a great level of agility. It is currently the most affordable way of entering the BMW ecosystem and might just be a heart over head decision for riders looking for an entry-level sports bike.

BMW G 310 RR: Price

The top-of-the line BMW G 310 RR Style Sport Edition with the BMW Motorsport colours and graphics, costs Rs. 2.99 lakh ex-showroom while the black variant will set you back by Rs. 2.85 lakh ex-showroom.

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