Toyota Innova Crysta on road price in Nagpur

Toyota Innova Crysta

The on road prices of the Toyota Innova Crysta in Nagpur are between Rs 15.56 lakh to Rs 24.40 lakh on road and is powered by a petrol and two diesel engines. The top end Toyota Innova Crysta petrol is offered for Rs 22.27 lakh while the base version is priced at Rs 15.56 lakh. The base version of the Toyota Innova Crysta diesel is priced at Rs 16.14 lakh whereas the top end Toyota Innova Crysta diesel variant costs Rs 24.40 lakh. These prices are after applicable taxes of 10 percent for the petrol engine and 12 percent for the diesel engine for cars in the price range of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. For vehicles above Rs 20 lakh, 11 percent tax is applicable on the petrol variants and 13 percent tax is applicable for the diesel engine options.