CB1000R is Honda’s most stylish naked street-fighter to date. Originally made to be a success in the European market, the CB1000R sports a radical headlight assembly which is compact, edgy fuel tank design, a sharp tail section and a single-sided swing-arm. The engine is from the Fireblade and it’s an inline 4 998cc unit which is tuned more for low and mid-range torque rather than the top end power delivery. The power output is at 123.3 BHP and 99 NM of torque. The frame is a mono-backbone made of Gravity Die-Cast Aluminium. At the front, there’s a 43mm upside-down HMAS forks along with 310mm dual disc brakes while there’s a monoshock along with a single disc brake at the back.
Honda CB1000R

Honda CB1000R Bike Key Features

  • Honda CB1000R Braking and Safety

    Brakes are fantastic. Sporting 310mm dual disc setup with radially mounted 4-piston callipers up front and a single 256mm single at the back with 2-piston callipers enables the CB1000R to slow and stop in a reassuring manner. The brake setup is also gets sintered brake pads at both ends and Combined ABS which distributes braking force to both tyres when only one is applied while also preventing wheel lockup. As always, tubeless tyres are industry standard among most motorcycles that guarantee safety under punctures as they do not deflate instantly.

  • Honda CB1000R Mileage

    The company claimed fuel efficiency is 17 kilometres per litre, so, expect close to 15 in real riding. Performance motorcycles are not meant to deliver high fuel economy, but anything above 15 kmpl is just great.