Honda’s Africa Twin is a tribute to one of Honda’s most iconic motorcycles, the NXR750 Africa Twin, the legendary Dakar winning bike from the 80s. The CRF 1000L Africa Twin is sort of a swan song to bike although it does come with a 1084cc motor that makes 102hp and 105Nm of torque. The Africa Twin also comes with a DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) that is surprisingly accurate. All put together the Africa Twin is an ADV bike with the soul of a Dakar rally bike.
Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin Bike Key Features

  • Honda Africa Twin Braking and Safety

    In ‘MT’ manual mode the gears can be changed manually, through a lightweight 6-speed gearbox, using up and down triggers on the left handlebar. Then, there are 4 ‘AT’ automatic modes; The ‘D’ mode, which is ideal for cruising and maximising fuel economy, and ‘S’ mode, or Sport mode, with three progressively more sporty shift options: S1, S2 and S3.

  • Honda Africa Twin Mileage

    The Honda Africa Twin ridden conservatively on the highway should return about 30kmpl, however, in the city this might drop to 20-25 kmpl