Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

Note: This model has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Rs. 45.10 - 47.10 K *

Ex-showroom Price (New Delhi)

Pleasure is Hero MotoCorp’s smallest scooter powered by a 102cc engine which produces 6.91 BHP of power and 8.10 NM of torque. It is specifically marketed towards female riders with the tag line “why should boys have all the fun” sporting smaller dimensions and lively colour combinations. Hero MotoCorp has long been known to create reliable, smooth and frugal vehicles and so the Pleasure promises to be quite a long-lasting scooter with basic maintenance. It offers practicality with the under seat storage as well as in front. Safety comes in the form of Integrated Braking System and tubeless tyres.

Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

Hero MotoCorp Pleasure Bike Key Features

  • Side stand indicator

  • Tubeless tyres and Integrated Braking System.

  • Front storage compartment for putting small things.

  • Cheapest scooter in Hero’s lineup.
  • Front storage increases overall storage capacity.
  • More powerful scooters exist in its class at almost the same price.

Hero MotoCorp Pleasure Variant Specifications

Displacement (cc)
Power (hp)
Torque (Nm)
Fuel tank capacity (litres)
Fuel efficiency (kmpl)
Fuel delivery system
Front brake
Rear brake
Tyre size
Wheel type
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Ground clearance (mm)
Seat height (mm)
Kerb weight (kg)
Fuel gauge
Electric start
Shift light
Stand alarm
Stepped seat
Pillion seat
Pillion footrest
Pass light
Cornering ABS
Traction control

    • Hero MotoCorp Pleasure Design and Build

      Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

      Pleasure is the cheapest gearless scooter from Hero MotoCorp and it is primarily targeted towards female riders with the tag line “why should boys have all the fun”. The styling is quite contemporary and simple at the same time with a decently sharp and compact bodywork. The front is mostly clean and smooth devoid of any unnecessary curves and lines. There’s a pair of indicators and the headlight is mounted on the handlebar assembly. The dual colour combination makes the scooter look lively which works well for the intended audience. The instrument panel is fully analogue displaying speed and fuel level.

    • Hero MotoCorp Pleasure Riding Ergonomics

      Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

      Pleasure puts the rider in an upright riding stance for a stress-free riding experience on a day-to-day basis. Ergonomics are comfortable with an easy reach to the handlebar and decent foot space on the floor board. The suspension at both ends is of the spring-loaded type providing an overall comfortable ride quality on various road surfaces. However, given the dynamic intent of the scooter, the intent is a little bit more towards fun oriented riding experience rather than all-out comfort.

    • Hero MotoCorp Pleasure Engine

      Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

      Pleasure comes with a 102cc engine capable of producing 6.91 BHP of power at 7,000 RPM and 8.10 NM of torque at 5,000 RPM. Company reported top speed is an acceptable 77 kmph. The fueling is taken care of by Single Draft Variable Venturi carburettor with TCIS.

    • Hero MotoCorp Pleasure Transmission

      Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

      Pleasure doesn’t have manual gears and clutch for the ease of riding. The gearless system is termed Variomatic and is simply operated by twisting the throttle. Since there is no clutch, the lever on the left side of the handlebar operates the rear brake while the one on the right side controls the front brake as usual.

    • Hero MotoCorp Pleasure Braking and Safety

      Stopping power is provided by drum brakes, however, Pleasure comes with Integrated Brake System which enables both front and rear brakes to function when only the rear brake is applied giving the vehicle more stability under braking. Also, both tyres are of tubeless variety making them more resistant to punctures as they do not deflate instantly in case a nail gets in. This increases the safety aspect further.

    • Hero MotoCorp Pleasure Mileage

      Pleasure is capable of providing one of the fuel efficient rides in its class. Real world mileage is well above 60 kmpl.

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