Iron 883 is one of the most iconic and famous Sportsters in the Harley Davidson family. More of a Roadster-style motorcycle than a cruiser, the 2017 Iron 883 evokes aggression in its attitude while providing a surprisingly comfortable ride even in tight city traffic. The styling is minimalistic with a “Peanut” fuel tank which holds 12.5 litres of fuel, a round headlight at front and a drag-style handlebar between them. It comes standard with a single seat to highlight its more personalized affair with the rider while a pillion can be bought as an accessory. It’s aggression is further supported by the trademark matte black colour scheme where the engine is also painted black. The engine is a V-twin air-cooled unit displacing the famous 883cc and sending out 70 NM of usable torque. Latest upgrades include a new plush seat, new front and rear suspension and improved braking with standard ABS.
Harley Davidson Iron 883

Harley Davidson Iron 883 Bike Key Features

  • Harley Davidson Iron 883 Braking and Safety

    The latest Iron 883 gets an improved braking system with a 300mm single front disc brake along with a 34mm 2-piston caliper while the rear arrangement is also similar. Also, the master cylinders for both brakes are now all-aluminium. Furthermore, there’s stainless steel braided lines for better bite and feedback. ABS is also standard.

  • Harley Davidson Iron 883 Mileage

    Iron 883 comes with a 12.5 litres fuel tank which roughly translates to over 200 kph of real-world mileage from one full tank.