Ather 340

Note: This model has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Ather 340 is the company's more affordable scooter out of the two scooters currently on sale. Ather 340 gets almost the same features as the Ather 450 that happens to be the company's flagship scooter. From a total of over 60 electric scooters currently on sale in India, the Ather scooters are indeed the most fun to ride. Some noteworthy highlights of the Ather 340 include coloured instrument cluster with touchscreen, navigation assist, Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to pair your smartphone and a reverse gear as well. Ather 340 is currently priced at Rs 1.02 lakh in Bangalore. The company aims to be present in 30 Indian cities by the year 2023.

Ather 340

Ather 340 Bike Key Features

  • Coloured touchscreen infotainment

  • Highly efficient battery charges to 80 percent in just 60 minutes

  • Full LED headlamp

  • Impressive ride quality
  • Loads of segment first features
  • Great balance between performance and range
  • Limited availability as of now
  • Priced on a higher side

Ather 340 Variant Specifications

Displacement (cc)
Power (hp)
Torque (Nm)
Fuel tank capacity (litres)
Fuel efficiency (kmpl)
Fuel delivery system
Front brake
Rear brake
Tyre size
Wheel type
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Ground clearance (mm)
Seat height (mm)
Kerb weight (kg)
Fuel gauge
Electric start
Shift light
Stand alarm
Stepped seat
Pillion seat
Pillion footrest
Pass light
Cornering ABS
Traction control

    • Ather 340 Design and Build

      Ather 340

      Ather Energy has broken the perception that electric scooters are always dull and ugly looking. We are saying this because the 340 looks stunning and the company is so much confident of the appearance of the scooter that it is available in a single white colour option only. Ather 340 gets an all LED headlamp up front that offers better illumination than a conventional halogen unit. Overall, the scooter looks compact and the sharp creases and lines running across its body length give it a sporty appeal.

    • Ather 340 Riding Ergonomics

      Ather 340

      Ride an Ather 340 and you will feel that this one is nothing short of a conventional petrol scooter. The riding position is quite comfortable and there is enough room on the floorboard for you to place your legs when if you are a tall rider. The quality of the switchgear is impressive and the attention to detail is imply phenomenal, something that is super rare to find in an electric scooter especially in India.

    • Ather 340 Engine

      Ather 340

      The electric motor on the Ather 340 is good for churning out a maximum power output of 5.8hp while the peak torque output is rated at 20Nm which is, well, similar to that of a 200cc petrol sipping motorcycle. With this set up, the scooter can touch a true top speed of 70 kmph. Also, the actual range is 45 to 60 km per single full charge.

    • Ather 340 Transmission

      Ather 340

      Being an electric scooter, there is no transmission in the Ather 340 and an electric motor directly runs the rear wheel. As already mentioned, the motor is good for developing a power output of 5.8hp that pushes the scooter to a top speed of 70 kmph.

    • Ather 340 Braking and Safety

      Ather 340 has been fitted with disc brakes at both ends. Seeing the performance on offer, we wish that the scooter should have been offered with an ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) but get CBS (Combined Braking System) instead. Other safety features include an all LED headlamp that proves beneficial in tricky places. Also, the coloured touchscreen shows more than enough information that makes sure you do not get stranded in any situation.

    • Ather 340 Mileage

      Ather 340 offers a realistic range of upto 60 km per single full charge. Ather makes sure that the maximum distance between two charging points in a particular city is not more than 4 km. Moreover, Ather charging points are already listed on the navigation and hence, you can get the directions and locations of these on the screen right in front of you on the scooter.

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