Mercedes-Benz partners with ProLogium: Will use solid-state batteries in future cars

This strategic partnership between Mercedes-Benz and ProLogium will allow the carmaker to power their future EVs with solid-state batteries and reach their goal to go all electric by 2030.

Mercedes-Benz and ProLogium enter partnership

We are in a time where electric vehicle adoption is increasing and manufacturers are looking for ways to make them as easy to adopt as internal combustion engine-powered vehicles. One of the major limiting factors tends to be the battery in these EVs. Mercedes-Benz, in a bid to tackle this problem, has joined hands with ProLogium to develop solid-state batteries for their cars. The German carmaker has plans to invest “high double-digit million Euros” in ProLogium.

The two companies have signed a technology cooperation agreement to develop next-generation battery cells. This will also allow Mercedes-Benz to be a part of ProLogium board of directors and aid in research and development. The partnership will also open up avenues for ProLogium to set up a manufacturing facility in Europe and ramp up production.

The solid-state batteries born out of this partnership could be seen in Mercedes-Benz test vehicles in the coming years with passengers vehicles getting them sometime after 2025. This step is in line with Mercedes-Benz’s plans to go all electric by 2030.

Advantages of solid-state batteries

By employing solid-state batteries in place of lithium-ion ones,  Mercedes-Benz will be able to improve their EVs on multiple fronts. This technology can produce batteries that are smaller in size and safer in nature. Solid-state batteries can also have double the range of lithium-ion batteries. All of these things could have a ripple effect on the cost and practicality of EVs coming closer to their ICE counterparts. So, it makes sense that Mercedes-Benz would want to invest in ProLogium, a Taiwan-based company that has a lot of expertise and experience in making solid-state batteries.

Markus Schäfer, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, chief technology officer responsible for Development and Procurement, said, “We believe that range and efficiency are the new industry benchmarks for electric cars. Solid-state technology helps to cut down battery size and weight. This is why we are partnering with companies like ProLogium to ensure that Mercedes-Benz continues to break new ground in the automotive sector – for the benefit of our customers.”

“We have been working with Mercedes-Benz on the testing of our EV battery cells since 2016 and are excited to strengthen and expand our partnership,” said Vincent Yang, CEO and founder of ProLogium Technology.

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