A walking car from Hyundai that could save lives in an emergency: All you need to know!

The Hyundai Elevate can not only drive on the highway like a conventional vehicle, but can (and excuse the pun-ery) rise up to the occasion when the going gets tough and out maneuver the most advanced off-road vehicles in the market today!

By: | Published: January 9, 2019 2:25 PM

Following the teaser of their unique walking car, Hyundai has now showcased the concept vehicle at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. The vehicle in question has been dubbed the Hyundai Elevate and uses a blend of electric car technology and the cutting edge of robotics to show a vehicle that can continue over any and all imaginable terrains. Think Star Wars Walkers but with a more earnest outlook, such that it can traverse terrains that might be out of reach of the most capable off-road vehicles in the world.

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The Hyundai Elevate concept is based on a new innovative modular Electric vehicle platform from Hyundai that can morph from being a conventional van with wheels to a vehicle that can walk depending on the terrain. According to Hyundai the robotic legs of the Elevate has five-degrees of freedom plus wheel hub propulsion motors that gets powered by electric actuator technology. This means that the Elevate is capable of replicating both mammalian and reptilian gait, which means that no obstacle vertical or horizontal is too much. In drive mode the legs can be stowed away cutting the power to joint, then switching to an integrated passive suspension system maximizes battery efficiency. This allows Elevate to drive at highway speeds just like any other vehicle. This means highway speeds too are more than achievable. This vehicle could even climb over a five foot wall and step over a five foot long crevice if needs be.

As they had said in the teaser, Hyundai sees this as more of a first response vehicle. That they have developed in association with Sundberg-Ferar, located in Metro Detroit. Now no specifics about the vehicles output or any plans of bringing the vehicle to production have been mentioned by either company, but a vehicle like this could be critical in providing relief in emergency situations providing far better access than any other vehicle on the planet. In addition, for people living with disabilities this vehicle could walk right up to the front door and allow for a wheelchair to roll in. Problems start only when you realize that a vehicle like this could be an essential part of warfare and wouldn’t need a lot to armor and weaponize, this is not a vehicle you want to be running away from when WW3 happens, if it does.

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