ZF Flying Carpet 2.0 concept aims to make future cars into mobile living rooms

ZF’s Flying Carpet 2.0 connects active damping, braking, and steering systems for a predictive chassis enhances ride comfort and the feeling of safety.

By: | Published: July 21, 2019 5:54 PM

After showcasing the 2-speed transmission system for electric vehicles which help in conserving power and providing a longer driving range for EVs, ZF has rolled up its sleeve even further to reveal a new concept technology that claims to turn your future autonomous car into a mobile living room or office.

ZF Friedrichshafen, the automotive technology provider has developed a new chassis concept which they are calling the Flying Carpet 2.0. The technology uses steering systems, active dampening and braking and connects them to work cohesively in order to deliver a more relaxed drive than would be possible in a conventional humanly operated vehicle.

The Flying Carpet 2.0 has networked the chassis with a range of advanced sensors, smart control algorithms and intelligent actuators. The system collects the data and inputs detected by the sensors, uses the algorithms to decipher the road ahead and delivers an enhanced ride comfort and feeling of safety, two things which are considered vital for autonomous driving. The system uses camera onboard which detect irregularities on the road in advance, detect obstacles and road signs. The actuators installed are then sent a signal to make the appropriate maneuverers help protect occupants from uncomfortable vehicle movements, and smooth out bends, bumps in the road, and potholes in a predictive manner. ZF claims that the Flying Carpet 2.0 system disconnects vehicle occupants almost entirely from the impact of potholes, bumps in the road, tight bends, or abrupt braking manoeuvres

“In the development leading to fully automated and autonomous driving, the chassis has a key role to play,” explains Dr Christoph Elbers, Vice President of Car Chassis Technology Development at ZF. “With our Flying Carpet 2.0, we have developed a chassis concept capable of completely controlling all longitudinal, transverse, and vertical movements of the vehicle.”

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