Your chance to fulfill your ‘Bugatti dream’! World’s most affordable Bugatti is cheaper than Toyota Fortuner

Being an exclusive model, only 500 units of the Bugatti Baby-II will be made. The Baby-II is inspired by the Baby-I that was built between the year 1927 and 1936 and was meant specifically for children. All details on the newly launched Bugatti Baby-II here.

By: | Published: March 18, 2019 11:35 AM
Bugatti Baby-II Bugatti Baby-II

Been dreaming of buying a Bugatti since like eternity? Well, here is your chance to bring home a brand new Bugatti and well, its price is lower than a Rs 30 lakh SUV in India. Bugatti has recently launched its most affordable offering yet - the Baby II. The creator of some of the world's most iconic cars like the Veyron and the Chiron is now offering an all-electric ride on car. Inspired by the Bugatti Baby-I, the newly launched Bugatti Baby-II can be driven by both kids and adults and can be yours for a price of USD 34,000 that translates to Rs 25 lakh as per the Indian currency. Yes, a Bugatti for Rs 25 lakh!

The new Bugatti Baby-II gets an electric motor and the car gets two modes namely Child and Adult. While the child mode limits the top speed of the car to 20 kmph, the adult mode lets you go a bit faster at 45 kmph. Just like the Bugatti Chiron, the Baby-II also comes with a speed key that lets you remove the limiter in order to unleash all 13 hp. Speaking of the interiors, the new Bugatti Baby-II gets a premium treatment as it comes with aluminium dashboard, old school 35 style four-spoke steering wheel and leather seat.

Being an exclusive model, only 500 units of the Bugatti Baby-II will be made. The Bugatti Baby-I was built between the year 1927 and 1936 an was meant specifically for children. The Baby-II on the other hand, as already mentioned, can be driven by adults as well and hence, makes more sense looking at its price tag. Almost a century ago, Bugatti's founder Ettore Bugatti built a car for his son - the Type 35 race car replica and the new Baby-II can be seen as a modern version of the same.

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