Your car’s air-freshener might make you fail an alcohol breathalyzer

Adding to an already extensive list of inaccuracies by breathalyzers

By: | Published: May 18, 2017 3:49 PM


Breathalyzers are far from perfect, but they are somewhat of a necessary evil. The thought of them at the next check-post keeps drunk drivers and the calamity they usually bring with them of the street, and that should be more than enough of a reason to keep them in place. However, there is always the off-case where their glaring inaccuracy ends up in a muddle.

We already know that mouthwash, hand-sanitizers and sometimes even liberal use of  cologne could possibly end up with a failed breathalyzer exam. That, however, may not be the end of the list as one unsuspecting driver in Kerala found out. Manorama Online reports that a motorist who was pulled over in Kottayam to take a breathalyzer with his air conditioning turned up, ended up failing his breathalyzer test. Naturally, he was horrified having not even consumed a whiff of liquor.
Luckily for him, Kottayam Police believed his earnest pleas and probed the matter further. Only to find that, he was perfectly sober and the machine had detected the alcohol levels being emitted through the air freshener.
The police further observed that this result was a cause of the test being taken while the occupant was still in the car. This should serve as fair warning to all those with alcohol based air fresheners in the car. Be sure to exit the vehicle and take a few deep breathes before taking the test, while it may not be enough to save you in case you’ve been drinking, it will at the very least ensure an accurate reading.

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