Why the Automobile Industry need to accelerate customer centricity’

With lives getting faster and more hectic in cities consumers these days demand automated and efficient ways to address problems and service requirements for their vehicles. In this contributory article the author shares ideas on how this slow-changing process now requires a push to evolve.

By:February 28, 2019 3:23 PM

In today’s technology-driven world or “technophiles world”, we are more dependent than ever before on all sorts of technology because technology helps us and makes our lives easier. Technologies are growing more sophisticated than ever before, from online food ordering to self-driving complex machines, unfortunately, the solutions to issues that arise from using technologies aren’t available to people as easily as they should be. Consider that automobiles are commonplace today and are a basic requirement, yet in spite of developments in technology; people still have to have their vehicle repaired as they have been for decades. This means that while people use food ordering apps and ride-hailing services- made possible by technology- they still take their cars for repair to a mechanic or authorised service center. There is a need to imagine that just as technology has impacted so many aspects of people’s lives, it can also transform the way they care for their bikes and cars.

The issues people who own cars and bikes face when their vehicles need servicing or repairs are complex. These issues can be resolved when all automobile service providers of the nation invest in better customer service and shift the process and guidelines of their companies towards a customer-centric culture. The reasons this is so are outlined below.

Customer Centric Culture

As mentioned, the issues facing owners of bikes and cars are very complex but they have a common thread running through them. Automobile and bike owners expect hassle free, prompt, quality and transparent service that’s non-conventional and innovative. Today the service provided at car and bike servicing centres is poor and the servicing industry has undergone little or no innovation despite drastic improvements in technology.

Users need innovation

The younger generation of car and bike owners demand an innovative business model that uses technology-driven service that can be delivered in the comfort of their seat or home. As per feedback from users during our survey, many customers expressed dissatisfaction that servicing of motor vehicle remains a tiring routine task which they feel needs to be streamlined using an innovative new process.

Today Indians value their time and believe it’s not worth it to spend half a day or, sometimes, an entire day waiting for their bike or car to be repaired. As technology savvy people, they’re comfortable using technology and would like to see it used to transform the car and bike servicing industry.

Customers expect hassle-free and prompt service

Today’s customers don’t want to spend as much time as was spent earlier to complete what are routine and boring tasks. Servicing cars and bikes is one such routine task. While earlier generations used to spend an entire day or entire weekend at a servicing station as their car or bike was serviced, today’s generations see this as passé. People today are unwilling to spend time overseeing or managing a routine task because they can better spend it in more worthwhile activities. Unlike earlier generations, today’s generation expects services to be delivered to them at the press of a button. The demand for such swift service is what is behind the success of so many new companies. Hence while there was a time, where people used to take a day off or plan the weekend to visit the service station to get repairs or servicing done, doing so today is being seen as unacceptable.

Furthermore, there has always been an ambiguity when it comes to price, quality, and response at service stations. Customers today don’t tolerate poor response and so they need a platform that can sort out their service requirement very efficiently. This will allow them to utilize their weekend in a better way instead of standing in line at a service station. “In this non-standardized and unorganized market, we are trying to bring transparency and hassle-free services to users and businesses. We’re doing so using a customer-centric process where every service can be accessed at the press of button. We’re also providing a servicing experience that offers in detail information about services available and ensures service in 40 minutes for all queries” says Mr. Mahesh Shetakr, Business development and Strategy planning at DOERS

He further adds that it’s very important to track and monitor customer’s feedback and reviews. Managing online reputation, creating and delivering superior value, also requires a commitment to outstanding customer experience. For these reasons, it is very important to place an emphasis on providing superior service to clients and to ensuring they have a terrific customer experience.


Author: Mahesh Shetkar, Business development and Strategy planning at DOERS.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the original author. These views and opinions do not represent those of The Indian Express Group or any employees.


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