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What causes traffic jams: 5 reasons for congestion

From over saturation to double lane parking and accidents, here are five reasons for traffic congestion.

What causes traffic jams: 5 reasons for congestion
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Traffic congestion can be caused by key factors such as accidents, traffic overload, construction and even pedestrians crossing the road incorrectly or holding up vehicles. In Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, traffic congestion becomes worse due to bad roads, and poor connectivity among other factors. Here are five reasons for traffic congestion.

Saturation, or simply too many cars

The most common form of traffic congestion is saturation on the road. The population of India is ever-increasing and jams occur when the number of cars is more than the roads can support. It is a recurring problem for people that travel the same congested route every day for work or back home. It occurs when the population of a city grows swifter than the infrastructure. 

Construction and maintenance

Ashram Flyover under construction in New Delhi (IE File image)

Take the Ashram flyover construction in Delhi as an example. The construction began in 2020 and ended just a couple of days ago before bursting open for the public. However, for the last two years, the congestion around the flyover caused major havoc for daily commuters from Delhi-NCR. Additionally, road obstacles such as lane closure, an accident, or double parking also hinder the traffic flow and cause blockage.

Inadequate public transportation

The shortage of proper public transportation nudges people to look for and invest in private transportation. For eg, Bengaluru is notorious for traffic congestion which is primarily linked to the unavailability of proper public transport. Hence, most people buy a personal vehicle further saturating the roads. 

Weather conditions and accidents

Poorly constructed roads paired with improper drainage are a nightmare for travelers, especially during monsoon season. Even minor fender benders can create long traffic backups, as drivers slow down to observe the accident and emergency vehicles respond to the scene. Breakdowns and stalled vehicles can also lead to backups, as cars are forced to maneuver around the disabled vehicle.

Poor Driving Habits

Finally, poor driving habits can also contribute to road congestion. Tailgating, aggressive driving, speeding, and sudden lane changes can all cause accidents and slow down traffic flow. Similarly, distracted driving, such as texting while driving, can also lead to accidents and backups on the road.

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First published on: 09-03-2023 at 13:40 IST
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