Watch Video: Whacky parking tech from the 1950s, which even modern cars can’t match

Parking problems making you mad? Here's the solution and it's from half a century ago!!

By: | Updated: September 25, 2017 2:00 PM

We’ve all been there, park the car perfectly in the morning, and by the evening 700 morons have parked all around and entirely boxed you in. The next two hours will be spent assembling said morons from the woodwork from whence they came, and then you’re free to spend the next two hours in traffic trying to get home, 'coz now you're late and stuck in rush hour. Only to get back home and play the same game all over again. While car makers chose to load in all kind of grid makers, cameras, park pilots nothing really solves the problem. Don’t even get me started on the “self-parking” function, we almost lost a test Skoda trying to get it to park itself. Are these your problems, well we have a groundbreaking solution, and if you’re expecting some piece of ground shaking tech. You have another thing coming, it’s from the 1950s and we love it because it works. Now the ad claims that it’s a bolt-on fit, on any car (although we think they might be talking about the 1950s). Strap your spare wheel onto the contraption, and when you're in a tight spot the spare drops out of the boot onto the road and gives you the 360-degree turning radius that would make our lives. How’s that for rear wheel steering Porsche? Take notes.

This prototype did the rounds in the 1950s and probably made it onto cars as well, we’d give you a first-hand user review, but the one guy we did find who owned a car with this mod, couldn’t remember what a car was. Ah well, if you are a startup looking for inspiration, here’s an idea for you it’s retro, it’s modern and it was designed way ahead of its time. We think you should call it the “the amazing third wheel” if nothing else metaphorical third wheels will finally have an argument for existence.


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