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Watch Video: Ken Block’s Gymkhana is back, but this time he’s slaying tyres on a hill climb and the stakes have never been higher!

Ken Block’s Climbkhana at Pikes Peak may well be the most exciting Gymkhana till date. It’s one of those things you have to see to believe

By: | Published: September 26, 2017 11:01 AM

The Hoonicorn is back! Nope, not speaking gibberish, the Hoonicorn for those of you who forgot, is Ken Block 4WD 1965 Unicorn which makes a whopping 1400 hp of its 6.7-litre Roush Yates V8. Correct that’s 1400 horsepower. This time the tyres smoking madness returns as Ken Block get’s in the driver’s seat for one more gymkhana. Except they aren’t calling it a gymkhana, they're calling it ‘Climb khana’, and there’s good reason for it, the crew head to Pikes Peak. One of the most challenging hill climb courses in the world, an otherwise public road, that plays host to one of the toughest hill climb stages in the world. But with the gymkhana crew in tow, it’s basically been swapped out for a huge smoke making tyre grater with GoPro's on it. The first few minutes of this 9-minute long feature will be about getting to grips with rally driver Ken Block’s almost surgical precision as he smokes and slides his way up the hill.

Done in association with Toyo Tyres, of which many must have been reduced to ashes and tyre smoke. This may well be the scariest gymkhana yet to hit the stands. Ice flowing thick and fast through his veins, Ken Block barely flinches as he makes his way up the hill courtesy some expertly executed drifts, slides, handbrake turns and donuts. Adding fuel to the furnace, was the fact that all this was being done a few inches from certain death with sheer drops at the edge of every cliff. The 12.46 mile, 156-turn circuit reaches a 14,000 feet summit all that in under 9 minutes!

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