Watch Video: BMW refuels an M5 mid-drift to break Guinness World Record for longest drift!

BMW finds an interesting way to refuel their car for the Guinness world record run, for the longest drift ever, the M-division will be attempting over 165 km in tandem drift!

By: | Published: January 9, 2018 12:00 PM

It's a little bit strange to think that manufacturers care so much about how waggy their cars are in the tail. But it would turn out that BMW does, or maybe their M-division does. Either way, it's immature and childish, and we friggin love it! The record was set by Johan Schwartz in the F10-generation version of the BMW M5 back in 2013, and they held the record for a while until Toyota fit the GT86 with an auxiliary fuel tank and beat the record, by simply not running out of fuel. Naturally, the Germans, who have evolved to have no sense of humour whatsoever, did not take this lightly. And be damned if they tried something as simple as an auxiliary fuel tank. Which is how this video came to be.

After what must have been an intense meeting at BMW’s M-division, they decided to squash the feeble Japanese attempt, and send a message while they’re at it. It was decided that they would beat the record by, and you can’t make this up, refuelling the record-breaking M5 using another M5 that would join it in tandem drift, while a man hangs out from one and uses an aerospace grade refueller to refill the record-breaking M5. Simple. Ain’t it?

The refuelling rig, that is inspired by interstellar aerospace industry, can transfer 68 litres of fuel to the other in less than 50 seconds. Are you reading this, man who took 15 mins to refuel my Datsun! The F10 will then drop back letting the new-gen M5 to continue its drift and smash the world record wide open. Easy as schnitzel!  BMW has apparently perfected the technique as the images portray and will now make the official attempt today and are targeting anything north of 165  kms in total to break the record! In the meanwhile watch this video:

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