Watch Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev drive a 1000 hp Toyota Scion around a racetrack!

Sadhguru is seen driving a heavily modified Toyota. This particular Scion produces a massive 1000 hp and is capable of speeds of upto 340 kmph

By: | Updated: April 27, 2017 12:26 PM
Sadhguru on the racetrack

A yogi, poet and New York Times bestselling author. It isn't everyday you see a man with this sort of a resume drive about at a race track, accompanied by a professional racing driver. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a popular name across the world, especially because of the non-profit organisation he founded, which offers yoga and other social activities. And just this year, the government decorated him with the second highest civilian award in the country, Padma Vibhushan. Sadhguru has a sizeable following around the world, and the fans seemed more than elated to watch their guru be a racing driver for a day.

Sadhguru is seen driving a heavily modified Toyota in this video. This particular Scion produces a massive 1,000 hp and is capable of speeds upto 338 kmph. While the exact modifications haven't been disclosed, a big turbocharger, custom-built and intake and exhaust along with larger brakes and a new suspension surely seem to be part of the recipe.

The video was casually uploaded on Facebook with a caption saying 'Sadhguru on the Racetrack'. It clocked over 1.7 lakh views with hundreds of comments from his fans. One of them said that this was the reason why he thinks Sadhguru is the one guru whose ideology made sense to him - 'You have one life, live the hell out of it!'

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In the video, Sadhguru can be seen getting instructions from Christian Rado, a professional racing driver, for track familiarisation and then driving the car himself. Since the video is short, it's hard to make out how well Sadhguru was able to drive but looking at his facial expressions, while he posed for the camera, it's certain he had a great time!

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