Video: How a wheel is made out of an aluminum ring

Forged wheels are lighter than cast wheels as the molecular structure of the metal changes as it is bent

By: | Updated: March 19, 2017 3:25 PM

It is almost like watching mud pottery, as though the metal were so soft. Of course, it isn't. It takes very strong and sophisticated machinery to forge a flat metallic circle into a wheel, one that we see on cars. 'How it's made?' Wondering the process behind the manufacturing of an object makes one look at it in a different way. This video shows how metal ends up looking like the wheel as we know it, and see for yourself, it is like one of those 'satisfying' videos. The machine in itself is a mechanical marvel. It makes bending of metal look very easy.

All vehicles, especially performance cars need wheel rims that provide appropriate weight to strength ratio, while minimising rolling resistance. Forged wheels, like the one featured in the video, are considered better in terms of performance and strength.

The following video shows forging of a wheel for a performance car. While the machine makes the job look very easy, imagine what the would be like without such machinery.

There are wheels meant for performance, those meant for grand touring and those that are designed for off-roading. They can be forged or cast, however forged wheels are considered stronger with lesser weight.

Forged wheels are lighter than cast wheels as the molecular structure of the metal changes as it is bent by the machine. Forging provides tensile strength and better resistance against cracking or bending. Thinner metal profiles can be used for making forged wheels without compromising on strength.

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