Video: Hyundai’s global range of SUVs welcoming the Venue to the family is a sight to behold

Hyundai's promotional video for the Venue showcases the way it gets a warm welcome from its global SUV family

By: | Published: July 9, 2019 11:53 AM

Hyundai India has been quite active on social media these days. Well, we understand that it was for its first electric car, the Kona's launch here. However, seems like the inspiration has been drawn from Hyundai Worldwide. The latter has a full video on the latest Venue SUV. This isn't your regular features and what not blended in promotional material. Instead, it focuses on the family bonds. The entire Hyundai global SUV range comes down to welcome the newcomer to the fold. A Boeing aircraft, an airstrip, some arid regions and a few of Hyundai SUVs were involved in the making of this video. There is a bit of awkwardness when the biggest Palisade SUV and the Venue meet for the first time. What happens next is something you got to check out in the video below.


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