Used Maruti Suzuki Swift: Complete guide to buying second-hand Swift

In the market for a used Maruti Suzuki Swift? Read our complete guide that includes what price you should be paying and problems areas that you should look out for to ensure that you get the best deal in your budget for your second-hand car!

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Used Maruti Suzuki Swift: The Maruti Suzuki Swift has been one of Maruti’s best-sellers ever since it’s launched in 2005, seeing three generation changes over the last 13 years. This guide to buying a used or second-hand Maruti Suzuki Swift should help you pick the right car in your budget. Prior to the present generation, Maruti Suzuki Swift that was launched earlier this year, the last major facelift for the Swift was in 2011. Although for those in the market for a used car, it serves purpose to remember that the Swift dropped the 1.3 litre G13B motor, in favour of the 1.2 litre K-series petrol motor that was slightly detuned with 81 hp and 114 Nm of torque. Overall, the Swift’s popularity has meant that the resale value has stayed strong over the last 13 years, considering that even the first generation of Swift that was sold in 2005 is still likely to cost you anywhere between 1.2 and 1.5 lakh depending on the variant, quality of maintenance and features. However, before you buy a used Maruti Swift it’s a good idea to figure out what you should be looking at depending on your budget. Here’s a list outlining of what you should expect to pay for each generation and what all things you should look out for to ensure you don’t end up with a poorly maintained car.

Maruti Suzuki Swift
Year of ManufactureEstimated Lowest Price(RS)
Estimated High Price (RS)
2005-20061.20 lakh1.40 lakh
2006-20091.30 lakh2.00 lakh
2009-20112.00 lakh2.50 lakh
2011-20182.3 lakh5.0 lakh
2018-4 lakh8 lakh


The first iteration of the Maruti Suzuki Swift was launched with a 1.3 litre G-Series petrol motor that made 87 bhp of power. This motor in particular one of the most fun-to-drive units in the Swift, keeping with the age-old saying “there’s no replacement for displacement”. Although this is also the motor from which one can expect to get the least fuel efficiency figures, expect no more than 11 kmpl in the city and 15 kmpl on the highway. The motor itself is easy to maintain although it is recommended that one should check all the gaskets and rubber pipes considering that all cars in this period (2005-2009) would be a minimum of 9 years old on any used Maruti Suzuki Swifts.

The newer petrol motor on the Swift features a 1.2-litre K-Series motor. This engine is milder to drive and presents a combination of high reliability and good fuel economy. One could expect anything between 13kmpl and 16 kmpl from a well-maintained car of this generation.

The new Swift, launched in 2018, features a 1.2 K-series motor which makes 83 hp and 113 Nm of torque. However, this present iteration is much lighter than the older unit and the new Swift feels a lot like it did with the 1.3-litre motor. The added benefit is fuel efficiency which is expected to be around 13kmpl in the city and 16 plus on the highway.

The diesel Swift, on the other hand, was introduced a year after the petrol in 2006, using the tried and tested Fiat sourced 1.3-litre multijet diesel engine putting out 75 bhp of power and 190 Nm of torque. This engine is a reliable unit, that has stayed almost unchanged from then to now, with most changes being focused on refinement and NVH. The thing to look out when buying a diesel Swift is excessive diesel fumes from the exhaust which may be indicative of clogged injectors, faulty plugs or a generally badly maintained car. A diesel engine could require more maintenance over time so this is one area that you need to look out for depending on the condition and era of the car.

Clutch & Gearbox

Cars used in urban setups and traffic usually see a lot of wear on the clutch, so if the car you are looking to buy has clocked anything above 60,000 km then it is advisable that you check the clutch of your second-hand Swift for issues. A good way to go about this is to see if the pedal action is light and smooth and whether the pull-away is clean with the car in the first gear.


One of the Swift’s strongest suits is its sturdy suspension set up, and this applies to both the petrol and diesel cars. Although the heavier diesel motor does cause more damage over time to suspension than the petrol motor so checking for a worn out shocks and springs is a good idea if you’re buying a second hand Maruti Swift. The upside is that replacement costs are not as high as you would imagine and that is applicable to most parts in the Swift.

Chassis and Body

When buying a new car in general one must look for things like body panels that are out of line, or load bearing beams that seem to have been damaged. The next thing to check whether the paint is original or it has been repainted, a quick check under concealed plastic panels is a great way to check for unmatched paint. Another thing to check for is underbody rust in humid or sea adjacent areas.

A good way to check if the car has been rear-ended is by checking the boot. Flip open the spare wheel cover and remove the wheel completely. If the car was repaired after an accident the floor will have visible signs as the surface wouldn’t be smooth as it would in an undamaged car.

In the end, always remember to check for complete documentation including service records. Also, do check with the insurance company for any past claims, which will make you aware of the accidents the car has been involved in. Last but not the least, get the car checked from a trusted workshop before closing the deal.

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