Traffic law violators beware! You could soon lose your driving licence

It is a commendable effort by the police to let rash drivers know that disobeying traffic rules could land them in trouble.

By: | Published: May 29, 2017 4:42 PM

In a latest drive to curb traffic law violation, police in Tiruvananthapuram have suspended licences of 14,796 people, who violated traffic norms more than five times in a row, according to a report on Kaumudi. Most number of these cases were registered in Ernakulam, the report added.

A total of 1053 people in Kannur stand to lose their driving licences, as is the case with 915 people in Thalassery, 849 and 848 in Kozhikode and Taliparamba, respectively. In Perumbavoor, 723 people would get their licence suspended, while 313 licences will be suspended in Thiruvananthapuram.

One particular case, Muneer from Thalassery, has had the most number of cases registered against him. Licence plate number KL 58 F 534 has 168 instances of traffic rule violation registered against it.

Police in Kerela is resorting to a no tolerance policy against such violators. Another plate number KL 58 P 7696 has registered 156 cases of traffic rule violations, and hence the police have now suspended the bus driver's licence and will also suspend the permit of the bus.

The over 14000 cases of violations include 18 private tourist buses running in the Kerala-Bengaluru route. Eight out of these buses have violated traffic rules over a hundred times.

Another example from the police in the southern part of the country is Bengaluru police. The city police there campaigned for road safety through a series of tweets that included Star Wars' Darth Vader. Read all about it here: Bengaluru police and Star Wars’ Darth Vader spread the message on road safety

It is a commendable effort by the police to let rash drivers know that disobeying traffic rules could land them in trouble. The second step the authorities need to take is to educate people on these rules, to make people understand that traffic rules are in place to serve a purpose. They were designed for the safety of the driver, the passengers, the fellow drivers and the pedestrians alike. People need to understand that wearing a seat belt or a helmet does not just evade a fine, but also save lives.

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