This Audi tech can make all red lights green for you! Here’s how it works

Audi also says that it intends to introduce more of V2I features like GLOSA and eventually link them to engine start/stop system which would help reduce emissions.

By: | Published: March 12, 2019 3:00 PM

audi glosa system

Audi's new vehicle-to-infrastructure will now let drivers be able to catch traffic signals when the light is green. The new tech called GLOSA or Green Light Optimised Speed Advisory will come embedded in Audi's new models. The manufacturer says that it is the first to include this built-in traffic light-ready technology in its cars. Back in 2016, Audi introduced Traffic Light information system that enables a car to communicate with the surrounding infrastructure in some cities and metropolitan areas across the United States.

The system was limited back then but the principle remained that the car would receive info from the sensor on traffic lights through 4G LTE hot spot and let the driver know how long ago did the light turn green.

Besides letting a driver know how long a light has been green, GLOSA also tells the driver what speed they should be driving in order to catch a green light. The system uses information from traffic signals and the vehicle's current location, along with other data like distance to stop, the speed limit in the area and timing plans of the signal.

After considering all of this info, Audi's GLOSA then flashes a recommended speed required to pass through a signal while it's green, within the speed limit of course. The system aims to reduce the number of stops at red lights and hence the amount of time spent in traffic. Audi says that the system will also help reduce emissions and improve fuel savings as well.

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The US currently has 13 metro areas that support 'time to green' and Audi's GLOSA system, namely Dallas, Denver, Gainesville, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco and Washington, DC and northern Virginia.

Audi's Traffic Light Information system is an Audi connect Prime feature (a paid subscription) and is only available in some 2017, 2018 and latest models. The manufacturer also says that it intends to introduce more of such V2I features and eventually link them to engine start/stop system which would help reduce emissions.

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