Tata Nexon makes History: First Made-in-India Car to be rated 5 stars for safety by GNCAP

Tata Motors has now fortified the fact that the Nexon is the safest car made in India with a smashing 5 star rating in the Global NCAP crash test. Here's what changed this time around!

By: | Published: December 8, 2018 4:45 PM

The Tata Nexon was already one of the safest Indian cars that went through Global NCAP tests, scoring 4 Stars in an earlier test in August. Now, having gone through a more rigorous test cycle that includes the side impact crash test, the Nexon has finished with a score of 16.06 points out of a total of 17 possible point. This not only makes the Nexon the safest car with am Indian Manufacturing badge, but also makes it the first ever Indian car to walk away with 5-stars. For Tata Motors  this result stands testament to their renewed ethos, that looks to bring global standards in term of design, features and most importantly safety to the Indian market.


While the Nexon always had dual airbags and a proven body shell and platform, the ABS used in the car which uses a full channel version, that allows for each wheel to have an independent channel of ABS contributed to even more safety, not to mention the newly introduced seat belt reminder that comes as standard fitment to the driver and the passenger also contributed to the higher score. Although the test does say that while the Nexon was able to protect the 18 month Dummy in the crash, the 3 year old dummy sustained significant impact to the chest and face. Thus the Nexon retaining its 3 star child occupant safety rating.


The Nexon, which is a ground up Indian car having been designed and developed from concept to reality within the confines of the country has then set a benchmark for other Indian manufacturers to step up their safety offering. Moreover considering that the Nexon which also has the most powerful engines in its segment, still undercuts the competition in terms of price. Thus illustrating that safety need not cost a premium. We hope that this will now open the door to more Indian manufacturers, to try to best this benchmark.


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