Tata Nexon AMT VS Ford EcoSport Automatic: Price, variants, features, specs compared

In the market for an automatic Sub-Compact SUV? If its a diesel you had in mind the Tata Nexon might be the only option. But if its a petrol engine that has your interest you could choose between the Ford EcoSport and the Tata Nexon, here's our on-paper comparison of the two.

By: | Published: May 2, 2018 7:35 PM

In the fast-evolving urban environment, the Sub-Compact SUV is the need of the hour,  their reasonable dimensions paired with a commanding driving position make them all too appealing to urban youth. Among the current crop of peppy, powerful subcompact SUVs two stand out for having the added bonus of having automatic gearbox options, the recently launched Tata Nexon Hyperdrive S-SG (AMT) and the Ford EcoSport Automatic. In fact, while the Tata Nexon will be offered in both Petrol and Diesel variants. If you’d like the EcoSport in Automatic, the only thing that Ford will sell you is a petrol. Tata has announced the prices of the Nexon as of today and while the top variant automatic Nexon still undercuts the EcoSport top of the line automatic by almost 2 lakh, here’s what sets them apart.

Ford EcoSport Vs Tata Nexon: Dimensions & Styling 

In terms of dimensions, the two are more or less evenly matched. Both are evenly in terms of length but the Nexon gets a little more space on the inside courtesy the trick roofline and the fact that it is slightly wider allowing for more shoulder room. Since are positioned as sub-compact SUVs both sport 200 mm plus ground clearances. Both the Nexon and EcoSport come with retractable back seats to release more boot space. Styling is a matter of subject, really. The EcoSport, which started the sub-compact SUV segment draws from the traditional SUV design with sharper edges to conceal the EcoSports otherwise compact dimensions. The Nexon, on the other hand, has an entirely contrasting view of how sub-compact SUVs need to be designed. It draws more inspiration from buggies with a low-lying roof and large wheels and wheel arches; 


Ford EcoSport ATTata Nexon AMT


3999 mm3994 mm


1765 mm1811 mm


1708 mm

1607 mm

Wheelbase2519 mm

2498 mm

Ground Clearance200 mm

209 mm

Boot Space 341 to 352 L

350 L

Ford EcoSport VS Tata Nexon Engine Specifications 

Now between the Nexon and the EcoSport and the Nexon, the Nexon has an automatic option for both fuel types, petrol and diesel. For the sake of this comparison, we will restrict the focus to the petrol variants. Both the Tata Nexon and the Ford Ecosport use 3-cylinder engines. The Ford Ecosport draws power from the newly developed 1497 cc naturally aspirated dragon series motor, the Nexon uses a turbo-charged 11197 cc motor that makes 110 hp. On paper, the EcoSport is about 13 hp more than the Nexon, although it is unlikely that you be able to tell the difference in a real-world test. The reason for this is that the EcoSport makes 20 Nm less torque than the Nexon AMT. Making the Nexon feel and act punchier than the Ecosport coming up from low revs. Interestingly the Ford EcoSport gets a 6-speed Torque converter to make the automatic more within reach, while the Nexon gets the 6-Speed AMT. Since we have not driven the Nexon AMT till date we will reserve our opinions till we see the car in person. However, on paper, the two are still pretty evenly matched.

Petrol SpecificationsFord EcoSport ATTata Nexon AMT
Displacement1,497 cc1,198 cc
Peak Torque150 Nm @ 4,500 Nm170 Nm @ 1,750-4,000 rpm
Transmission6-speed AT6-speed AMT
Max Power121.3 bhp @ 6,500 Nm108.5 bhp @ 5,000 rpm

Ford EcoSport VS Tata Nexon Interiors and Pricing 

Ford has two automatic variants on offer for their Trend+ and the Titanium+ variant. The Trend+ variant is priced at Rs 9.75 lakh while the Titanium+ automatic is priced at Rs 11.35 lakh.The Tata Nexon however, only gets the AMT option only on the top XZ+ variant, with all the bells and whistles, the Nexon has been priced at Rs 9.41 lakh almost Rs 30,000 cheaper than the mid-trim Ecosport. Although, remember that in top trim the EcoSport gets more safety than the Nexon, with 6-airbags vis-a-vis the 2-airbags as standard on the Tata. Interestingly, features like Sync3 and Apple Car, Play Android Auto and Mirror get a miss on the mid-level Ford EcoSport Trend+. Whereas since the Nexon is available only in the top variant it gets

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