Tata Motors displays 13 new age trucks at India’s first E-Commerce Expo!

Tata has added features like Hill Start Aid, OTP lock, CCTV cameras, Load sensors, and Telematics system to some of its trucks. Also the introduction of AMT gearbox in some trucks is a huge leap forward for Tata Motors.

By: | Updated: January 15, 2019 5:22 PM

India’s leading commercial vehicle maker, Tata Motors today hosted a first of its kind end-to-end, experiential expo for the Indian E-commerce industry, in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company showcased some of its bestselling variants across SCV, ILCV and MHCV segment at the E-Commerce Expo 2019. The vehicles on display included Tata’s complete range of 13 fully built and ready to use vehicles. The company announced that these vehicles have been developed exclusively for the E-commerce industry. These products are designed to cater all commercial applications cutting across hub-to-hub-to-spoke transportation and the end-to-end delivery needs.

The company introduced its bestselling vehicles based on the Ace platform. The last mile distribution vehicles such as Ace Delivery Van for E-commerce goods, Ace Zip panel van for e-commerce packages and Super Ace Mint XPS for voluminous goods transportation, were present at the venue. The company says these vehicles offer customized payloads and deck lengths to carry light goods including vehicle spare parts, fruits and vegetables. Tata’s Super Ace Mint features an insulated container for temperature-controlled transportation.

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Tata also introduced its range of light and intermediate commercial vehicles based on Ultra trucks range. These trucks come loaded with modern features such as OTP lock, CCTV cameras, Load sensors, Telematics system, and much more. The Ultra series of trucks are powered with Tata’s high-performance Turbotron engine. Vehicles such as 24 FT MS Container on Ultra 1518/53, 20 FT MS Container on Ultra 1014/45, 20 FT MS Reefer on Ultra 1014/45, 3 Side Openable - MS Container On Ultra 1518/53, 22 FT MS Container on LPT 1412/48 and 10 FT MS Container on SFC 407/33, were up on display at the venue. Tata’s hub-to-hub transportation vehicles included trucks from the MHCV portfolio, such as 24 Ft refrigerated container on LPT 1613/52 and 32 Ft Refrigerated Container on LPT 2518/68, 31 Ft MS Container on SIGNA 2818/68 AMT, and 32 Ft MS Container on LPT 1618/68.

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