Tata Elxsi Autonomai puts India on the map for driverless cars

Tata Elxsi signs a mystery deal with a world leading OEM for their "Autonomai" driverless car software platform

By: | Updated: June 7, 2017 1:47 PM

There is a little known (to common man) design and tech company under the Tata group that goes by the name, ELxsi. They’ve been a hot topic of discussion for the last few days in the general public after they signed a support deal with “one of the largest global” OEMs,  whose name Tata have been tight lipped about. Interestingly, the deal is not just about any regular car but refers to an ongoing driverless car program.
The program itself goes by the moniker; Autonomai which will serve as a platform for the mystery OEM to research and develop their own driverless program.

Now, like the Google Self drive platform, Autonomai will provide carmakers and top automotive suppliers a baseline in the form of comprehensive modular solutions, ie, functioning plug and play software kernels to the techies in the audience. Scope wise, Autonomai will be the functioning  perception and logic unit, processing the information from the outside world, apply logic and then create an output to guide the vehicle. Sum total, the entire system will allow OEM to quickly build test and deploy autonomous vehicles through the modular GNC (Guidance, Navigation and Control) and drive by wire systems.

The software will be divided broadly into two functioning blocks, Perception and GNC.

Perception, as the name would suggest deals with the car’s understanding of the outside world. Data could be potentially fed to the system through ultrasonic, radar, lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) or the basic camera sensors. Each piece of information is taken by the Autonomai system, and each input is processed and fed, in the form of algorithms, into a software engine that fuses the data together to create a focal point of perception of the world around it.

Essentially, the automotive equivalent of our senses. It then takes this understanding of the world around it and uses it to make logical judgements and to draw conclusions about it immediate environ.

The second block aka the GNC will take additional data from the GPS and will be backed up by a fail-safe hardware systems. It will then use the fusion engine to add the new data to guide the car and make logical decisions with regard to navigation. Both softwares blocks working in tandem  will allow the car to drive itself without any external driver inputs.

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