Switzerland Police ditches diesel SUVs for Tesla Model X electric car

Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla said, "the Swiss police are smart. Electricity vs diesel & maintenance more than make up for purchase price diff. Plus, the bad guys will def not escape. That’s worth a lot."

By: | Published: June 14, 2018 4:14 PM
Image credit: CNET

Swiss police vehicles will now be cleaner, affordable and will replace the diesel SUVs from its vehicle line-up. The cops in Basel-Stadt police department in Switzerland are all set to use Tesla Model X electric SUV as the world gradually shift towards e-mobility. While the police department has faced some criticism from naysayers on the car's range and its abilities, Swiss cops have at least managed to impress Elon Musk by using Tesla Model X. Tesla CEO said that this is a 'smart' move by the police department and the Model X will ensure that the bad guys will definitely not escape.

Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla tweeted saying "the Swiss police are smart. Electricity vs diesel & maintenance more than makeup for purchase price diff. Plus, the bad guys will def not escape. That’s worth a lot."


While searching for new cars, environmental concerns were kept in mind and it was clear to have electric cars in the Swiss police department. However, the choice of fully electric vehicles meeting cops requirements were limited and so the usual process of the tender notification was overridden as Tesla Model X more than meets the Swiss department's requirements.

Current police cars in Switzerland travels at an average of 120 miles every day. Tesla Model X has a range of 310 miles per full charge. The police department has also acquired two electrical charging stations for the central vehicle storage facility and two electric car charging stations in each of two additional police stations. Other top factors that helped the department to choose the Model X includes storage space, payload and handling other than zero emissions, better ownership and operational costs.

Recently Tesla Model X SUV had also set a new broke a new Guinness World Record in Melbourne, Australia by towing the Boeing 797 Dreamliner: Read here

Digital Trends says that Basel’s current diesel police cruiser vehicles cost about $97,000 each. The initial cost to buy the Tesla Model X is expensive than the diesel-powered SUV. However, the operational and maintenance will cost less for the Teslas and the will yield better resale value to the police department.

Swiss police will get seven of its ordered police Tesla Model X later in 2018 and the department plans to invest about 1 million Swiss francs. The rest of the SUVs are slated for delivery in 2019, police spokesperson Martin Schütz said in an interview with Telebasel.

Various police departments including the likes of LAPD deploy electric cars for various activities and has also tested Tesla Model S for every day patrolling. Police departments in Ontario, Canada, Denver, Colorado and in several cities in the United Kingdom are testing and considering to deploy Tesla cars says various media reports.

Image credit: CNET

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