Stunning new Toyota Corolla gets sporty design: Hatchback launch before sedan

To spruce up the image of its most iconic model, Toyota has led the Corolla's rollout with the hatchback Sport version rather than the traditional sedan.

By: | Updated: June 26, 2018 6:04 PM

Toyota Motor Corp has facelifted its best-selling model, the Corolla in Japan. The Corolla is one of the world's best-selling cars and with its launch in Japan on Tuesday, Toyota hopes that the new sporty design along with sharper creases and a bold look will appeal strongly to younger buyers, something Toyota hasn't been successful with the previous models of Corolla. In India, the Corolla is presently sold only in sedan body style as the Corolla Altis. The new Toyota Corolla hatchback has been launched in Japan and is unlikely to make its way to India anytime soon. We could get a newer and sportier sedan version of the Corolla though with design inputs from the new model under discussion.
While ubiquitous among first-time drivers and university students in North America, Corolla's top market that accounts for about a third of its global sales, the model has become known as a car for the elderly at home where the average age of its owners is around 70 - an image Toyota wants to change.

"We're grateful that our older customers have remained loyal to the Corolla," said Yoshiki Konishi, chief engineer of the Corolla Sport, the newest model which next goes on sale in North America in the coming months and Europe in 2019."But we want the Corolla to resonate more with younger drivers ... we want to target people in their 20s and 30s."

To spruce up the image of its most iconic model, Toyota has led the Corolla's rollout with the hatchback Sport version rather than the traditional sedan. For Japan, the Corolla Sport comes fitted with Toyota's data communication module which collects driving data to provide cloud-based, real-time navigation and technical support, while also monitoring vehicle health to give maintenance updates. Corolla and a revamped domestic Crown sedan model, also launched on Tuesday, will be Toyota's first mass-market cars to offer such advanced technological functions that were previously available exclusively in models from its high-end Lexus brand. Other automakers offer similar functions.

"By adding connected capabilities to a model known for being popular among older drivers, Toyota is trying to attract younger people to the Corolla, and widen its customer base (at home), said Takeshi Miyao, managing director of consultancy Carnorama."By doing so, it is betting that the next car trend may not be based on vehicle segment or model, but perhaps on applications or functions." But attracting younger drivers is tough in general in fast-greying Japan, where the number of driving license holders aged under 30 dropped 22 percent in the past decade while for those aged 65 and above it jumped 64 percent, official data shows.

Since its launch in 1966, 46 million Corolla units have been sold across more than 150 countries. Toyota declined to give demographic targets for the new model, but Konishi acknowledged the reliability of the Corolla would likely continue to draw in mature drivers.

"I'm in my 50s, and I'm planning to buy one."

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