Shell’s Ox ATV launched in India: It can carry 2 tonnes, seat 13 and can be assembled in 12 hours!

The Shell OX ATVs is a revolution in mobility and what sets it apart is it's uniquely simplistic but rugged design that allows it to be constructed by just three people in 12 hours.

By: | Updated: April 24, 2018 11:16 AM

Meet the Ox. It's a flat pack truck. If like me up until 15 minutes ago, you did not know what a flat pack truck is, don’t be worried. The idea is that the entire truck and its components can be disassembled packed into a flat package. 6 of these packages can fit in a single shipping container.  Meaning that logistical problems will be negligible. The idea behind this slightly weird do-it-yourself truck is so that people in areas of limited connectivity can have access to a rugged reliable vehicle that is capable of carrying a load and up to 13 people without having to spend large amounts of money to bring the vehicle to where they are. The OX which is designed by Gordon Murray Designs in the UK is part of a project funded by Shell to cater to limited connectivity places in the Indian subcontinent.

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What it can do is food, water and medicine around areas with underdeveloped road infrastructure, and provide people living in rural areas with more mobility options. to almost any place thanks to its low floor lines and all-terrain ready design which focuses on ground clearance and low-speed grip. The game-changer is the fact that the OX can be assembled in less than twelve hours and requires no more than 3 people to do the job. To put that in perspective the D-I-Y study table I bought last month took me 2 days, 5 different people to put together. "The OX to India demonstration will see the concept validated and discussed on the ground in a real-world setting," said Huibert Vigeveno, Executive Vice President, Shell Global Commercial. "We know limited mobility in hard-to-reach communities in developing economies can restrict access to basic services and can limit the effectiveness of efforts to improve the quality of life. The OX has the potential to broaden access to transport possibilities and all the resulting benefits that come with this." Once constructed the OX can handle a payload of about 1,900 kg while seating 13 people.

Meanwhile, for India, Shell has commissioned a custom OX that will come to India, be assembled and then immediately moved to the field where it can be tested. This could be a vital mobility access for people in the northeast of India and the Himalayan belt. Providing a safer, more capable alternative to some of the vehicles used today in these regions.

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