From Lamborghinis to ATVs: Here’s what the police drives in India and other parts of the world

Find here some of the fastest, coolest and the most expensive cop cars from around the world.

By:Updated: Aug 31, 2017 6:42 PM

While police cars are an awful sight to thugs and criminals, they have the potential for immense coolness. Some police forces, such as in Italy or Dubai, have taken this idea to a whole new level. Police cars in such countries don’t just to provide utility, but also give the force a far more impressive personality. Money or budget is not a concern to some countries and hence they end up having Lamborghinis and the like as their police cars. Imagine being a cop in such a country! However in India, a limited budget is allocated for getting cars for the police and the government does not go splurging people’s tax money on expensive cop cars, since we have a lot of other problems to attend to first. The matter of better police cars can wait. So, what is the extent to which some developed countries have taken the police car? We promise you, it’s worse than you think. Find here some of the fastest, coolest and the most expensive cop cars from around the world:


And we shall begin with Dubai. No one does ‘splurging of money and showing to the world’ better than Dubai. It houses the tallest building in the world, it has indoor ski slopes and giant aquariums the size of buildings – and that’s just scraping the tip of the iceberg. So, what does the police drive here? Or more like what not!

Well, they’ve got Lamborghini Aventador, a Bentley, an Aston Martin One-77, a Ferrari FF, a McLaren, BMW i8 and Bugatti Veyron. Oh, and Mercedes-Benz Brabus G63 AMG that packs 690 bhp. An SUV that can do 0-100 kph in 4.9 seconds. No wonder crime rate in Dubai is minimal.


Lamborghini’s home country, Italy, is obviously proud of their cars. Italians are known for driving fast and if some of them break the law and there’s a hot pursuit, the police will have to be equipped the necessary speed.

Hence, Italian Polizia has Lamborghini Huracan in their fleet. The 610 bhp V10 powered car with AWD is used for normal police operations and urgent transport of blood or organs. Previously, the job was done by the Gallardo, which was also donated to the police by Lamborghini.


While the Brits are known for very sophisticated mannerism and even their police are soft-spoken gentlemen who don’t carry guns. But, the UK has a growly Ford Mustang V8 in its police fleet.

South Africa

There’s no better way of saying this, South Africa police fleet has a Lamborghini Gallardo. Having a hard time believing that? Believe it. While the country has had cars from reputed brands like Audi, BMW, Ford and Volkswagen, wonderslist reports that this was the only Gallardo loaned to South Africa.


Police in India has a varied list of cars, depending upon what state it is from. In Delhi, we’re used to seeing Toyota Innova and Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. Other states have Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Tata Indigo, Tata Sumo, Mahindra Bolero and Scorpio, Ford EcoSport and Mahindra Marksman among others is quite popular.

Chandigarh has even employed Mahindra Reva, not sure what purpose does a small electric car serve but… When all has been said, Gujarat Police clearly has the coolest patrol vehicle – a Polaris RZR. An all-terrain-vehicle capable of taking on bad roads or no roads at big speeds.

And to top it all, here’s a video for your entertainment. Brazilian police in cars or motorcycles are quite like the Terminator. They do not stop at anything. If you’re a bad guy, they will get you!

(Images: India- Cartoq; Italy & Dubai- Cool Material; UK- Top Gear; South Africa- Wonderslist)

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